Carry at USCCA Show in Texas -- Reciprocity

I would really like to attend the show in Fort Worth. Sadly, Texas does not have reciprocity with Minnesota, where I live. I’m wondering if I will be able to lock my gun in my trunk for the duration of my time in Texas. Does anybody know what I can do about this?

Well, you can lock your gun in your car. Traveling through Texas won’t require you to lock it up either unless something changed.

When is the show?

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Get a UTAH nonresident permit. Pretty sure you’ll be good to go then.

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October 1-3

Maybe look into applying for the AZ permit; Utah and Florida might also be worth studying to see if they are honored, but take a close look AZ. Try all three soon, as it could take a while to receive those permits in the mail. Contact your local ranges in MN for instructors certified in those three states? Good luck. Cheers.