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Sucker punch. What can we legally do about a sucker punch. In my opinion it has to be proactive not reactive. That is about all I know about this particular law. The reasons for this are not rational so I can only assume they are emotional. One can only assume money comes into play at some point but it is all tied together in someway. I know we have to be hard on this but what is truly hard and proactive. My problem is I don’t think politicians care enough to do anything about it. I think we have to get our voices out there any way we can. My 2¢


I watched that video from Guns and Gadget last night. I felt sucker punched. The sheet audacity and inherent dishonesty of the ATF. Yet the ATF thinks that is ok.


It’s a Rule. And not a law. The EPA was smacked down by the SCOTUS for making up arbitrary “rules” just like this one being written by the ATF.

It’s Unconstitutional and will be challenged in Courts.


My local LGS is still selling them, Rule not Law as you said


I’m sure it will be challenged… How long was the battle in court for the decision that limited the EPA concerning “Chevron Deference”? Oh that’s right, it took 7 years. Sure would hate to be that first person waiting on the Court to get involved with the ATF taking an enforcement action against them. I am thinking, yeah you might become a Second Amendment hero but that’s still years of your life in prison on a Federal Firearms beef.

Firearms mandatory minimum penalties continue to result in long sentences although they have decreased since fiscal year 2010.

Federal Firearms Law Sentencing Guidelines

In fiscal year 2016, offenders convicted under section 924(c) received an average sentence of over 12 years (151 months) of imprisonment, which is 13 months less than in fiscal year 2010. The average sentence length depended on the applicable mandatory minimum penalty under section 924(c), increasing from 118 months for the five-year mandatory minimum penalty to 302 months where a 30-year mandatory minimum penalty applied.

Edit: Added Federal Firearm Law Sentencing Guidelines


Matt got arrested for promoting the stenciled steel, think the ATF declared it a machine gun. He’s been through the ringer, but has some interesting facts on success and failure in the courtroom… not something I’d want to deal with,but good to see him a bit more upbeat these days.