Trap? You be the Judge

Recently, I decided to plan another firearm purchase. Upon my usual browsing, I will glance through Acadmey Sports and a few other places including the range but this time something was ‘big-time’ off!

When I was browsing at Acadmey there sat a nice woman, well kept (I could tell by conversation was law-enforcement, military, or prior to that anyway). After, we talked for a little while, of course concerning firearms and what not, you could see things were out of place.

Two genetlman stayed real close to us after she told me she was waiting for her background check to come back. Well… this lady had been waiting some time for her background check to come back and I had found one I liked and was in line behind her.

Well, 30 mins had gone by and that was concerning because, mine always come back within a minute at tops. Well she began to tell me how she smoked medical canibus and she had been arrested, and she lied on the background check .

She also insisted she would purchase a firearm illegally if she could not get it today. After she told me this… as two guys tightly dressed who been there for sometime, almost breathing on my neck looking at me, I would not do this and told her how misrepresenting this background check was a felony offense. Even had they not been there I would have said the same.

Trust me, I’m not pulling out my side piece and saying,“Here you wanna buy this one!”

But whats concerning is, I know this staff at Acadamey, and not one was back in the Gun section and most concerning is the woman who was “performing the background checks” was mad that I told her about what this woman just had told me, almost as if she was very pissed!

She said," KNOW we are taking care of it! and went on to tell me how she was an “expert” in this matter! :confused:

I still called Shreveport Police because, I am not being “responsible”!


BECAREFUL, I have no clue what Law enforcment agency it was, and I would not have done anything different had it not been, but just the duty to inform the police is crucial!


Some shady stuff going on out there! If you’re not being physically mugged you’re being psyched! Always on guard!
On second thought, with gas prices and inflation…just kidding! No one can afford my price! Not even Elon Musk! OK, maybe Scarlett Johansson!
Still kidding!

TRAP, she had me at cannabis. Out of my area of expertise. I don’t need to hear anymore. Get up step outside or cancel my transaction, don’t like the company they keep, whether they were there to trap someone and they were legit or they were lowlifes, not interested!

What would have happened had you secretly called 911? Would have been a real scene when you blew their cover, just sitting there innocently as all parties have to reveal their badges! That could have gone viral!



Glad you escaped from the Academy Bizarro World.
It’s a shame there’s people making a living off the taxpayer, trying to trap the taxpayer, and guaranteed better benefits that the private sector folks.


I prefer buying from a real gun shop instead of a big box store. You might spend a few dollars more, but they are generally more knowledgeable and will be helpful when there are slight differences between models or brands. You can also develop a relationship with the owner and ask them to let you know if something you’re after gets traded in for example. Time is money and I see value in the relationship and feel paying a few bucks more is worth it for the knowledge gained.

The situation you walked into would have been unlikely at the small shop I frequent. Plus the owner is good at making expressions as a heads up alerting you to people who are out of place.


@Scott52 my life is crazy! And I believe it to be because of standing up for our rights is why I endure such hardships.

Wish I would have done what you said and recorded it! That would have been GREAT!

But don’t fret guys @Barry54 , @mattm included. I ended up going to a gun shop!

and I usually do!

@Barry54 , and I do have a great relationship with a few gun shop owners. I never thought about asking about the trade in deal! That is WONDERFUL ADVISE! Now that is how you get your hands on some good pieces!

Have you ran across any cool stuff doing that?


Too much weirdness. I have left a firearms store I felt uncomfortable in. One the owner was a little bit too 2A hip (yes, one can be.) That was about 25 years ago. The owner reminded me of the surplus store owner in the movie “Falling Down.” I don’t think he was racist, but did appear to be a little off and ran hot. In the situation that situation you were in leaving may have garnered unwanted attention too.


Most of our gear has been bought from the range we are members of. They have decently stocked store(s) and have come to know us pretty well.
They are also real good at spotting and being proper with the
quite not right people.


What does your home range do if they discern a customer is not right?

Walk them out the door.
Seen it happen three times.
I don’t know for sure, but they are not allowed back for a certain amount of time as well.

I would have disassociated myself. And you have no duty to inform law enforcement, regardless of whether it would have been morally correct or not – it would not have been illegal. What I would have done was inform someone at the store that what they said and then left.

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@Bill170 , I cannot imagine how many people who your range must have barred based on “feelings.”

For example, in 2019 I undertook the LA NRA Concealed Carry Course at a local range. Well, during the course of the 5 hours we sat in the class I could not help but over hear this prejudgment from this “ignorant” woman regarding this one young man who sat next to me. After part 1 of this program was over is the final part which is scoring 100% from 5, 10, & 15 feet (not hard) okay. But while she was buying Ammo for the final part I overheard her again how this young man was dangerous and I quote her “a mass shooter” well let’s just get to the point…:

This young man was the sharpest and most efficiently sound student in then class. He was THE MOST NON-dangerous individual and even instructors learned from him! IM DEAD SERIOUS he was a marksman but most of all polite, well mannered, and all around interesting to talk with.

The lady that judged this young man, was next to me during final part and i had to stop and holster my weapon and HELP HER remove two or three FMJ 9’m bullets she had some how jammed into the magazine BACKWARDS. I did not look down upon her but instead instructed her properly how to load mag

The most dangerous individual in that class was in fact her own self and in all reality she should have failed the course because safely and properly loading the weapon is a state requirement but oddly they looked the other way.

MORAL TO STORY: never judge a book by its cover

(Based on real events)


The people who were removed had nothing to do with “feelings”.
They were removed by observed unsafe actions and not following the range rules.

You are correct about not judging a book by it’s cover. I learned that a long time ago.

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@Bill170 , now that’s totally understandable.

Forgive my prejudgment in regards to the subject.