Carrying In A Vehicle

I’ve been considering buying a in vehicle holster. Right now I carry on my body when driving. Any thoughts on how to carry while driving as well as what everyone thinks about the product in the following link -

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I am pretty sure that is illegal here in California. I presume you are not in California.

It’s seems like a good idea, especially for long drives. For me, my only fear would be getting distracted or in a hurry when leaving my vehicle and forgetting my firearm. Last thing I want to do is accidentally leave my firearm in my vehicle, especially if it’s where someone can see it. So for me, I think it’s best to carry on body in a holster and in a position that’s easily acceptable.


No I’m in Florida. Haven’t confirmed it but I believe it’s legal to carry unconcealed off the body in a vehicle

Not sure what the actual connection for the holster is like with this product. Would have to make certain whatever holster you attach will stay firmly in place, especially in a car accident. It is also the equivalent of open carry. Even if open carry in a car is legal where you live, openly carrying has its disadvantages as discussed elsewhere on this forum.

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Yes, it is. I live in Florida, too. Your automobile is considered an extension of your home. Carrying in your vehicle is exactly like carrying in your home.

That being said, you will want to be careful who sees your gun in your car. Far too many people have the mistaken belief that they should never have to be subjected to a view of a gun.


I just read that Florida CC holders can have a gun in the open but. Ot concealed. That’s bazaar. I guess if you step into your vehicle you must immediately take you gun off if your person and place it in view in the vehicle.

That’s hard to follow, but it seems incorrect. As a Florida CWP holder, I can carry concealed in my car.


I checked a article just now that agrees with your statement.

This is the first link I read. It must be wrong.

Aliengear shape shift has a quick connect option to mount in car. Can easily move it to OWB.

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Glad you made me look!

The Illinois Concealed Carry Law authorizes a license holder to carry a handgun on or near his or her body completely or mostly concealed from view of the public or on or near his or her body inside a vehicle .

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@Nick34 , is that illegal in CA only when uncovered?

I once saw an episode of GunTalk introducing a product with a similar purpose.
Ryan suggested covering your gun with a hat.

According to what is listed on the USCCA app…with a CWP you can conceal carry in the car. Without one it has to be secured and not readily accessible.

That means the holster setup as shown in the link is not legal.

Personally…legal or not I don’t want my gun out in the open.

You are correct. From the USCCA website:

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Great “local” find. I’ll read it today. I had never seen it before, very educational and helpful. Thank you!

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According to our office of attorney general. That is illegal.

Even as a California CCW it is illegal.

Ease of access is very important while in a car… Coats, bulky clothes and seatbelts can impact your ability to draw in a time of need. That said, the holster/device featured raises concerns. Whether you are required to inform a LEO or not, you may not get the opportunity to do so. It’s placement, in plain view, could escalate a routine traffic stop into something much more. Your accidental movement in its direction will cause unwanted attention/reaction. Number 2, regardless of your belief on masks, we’ve all forgotten them from time to time. You WILL get distracted and leave it unattended in your vehicle. Now you have to worry about a break-in or not having your firearm on you if the unfortunate circumstance arises. Third, depending on where you live, losing your firearm negligently (break-in) could cost you your permit and ability to conceal carry.

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The USCCA and the Community are priceless. Training and sharing opinions / knowledge / insurance all make membership worthwhile!

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I’m pretty sure everything is illegal in California.