Carrying In A Vehicle

3-4 o’clock gives the option to adjust the garment either up or down when you work the seat belt latch. Many vehicles have a center console that will obscure view from the passenger side. The weapon remains readily accessible and stays right were you need it should you have to bail out. You could also bluff that you are working the seatbelt to present.

I do not have a cite but I am pretty confident that a Californian with a CCW can legally carry a concealed firearm in a vehicle.

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I have just never been a fan of off body carry. If you have your main carry firearm still on you and a second for off body carry in the car, then ok. If Johnny Bad Guy catches you off guard and hops in the car or starts yanking your butt out, where’s your gun? Oh yeah, strapped to your seat.
Another aspect to think about is just absolutely forgetting to grab it before you leave your vehicle. You are on your cell phone or in a rush and just forget. You come back to a broken window and a missing gun.
Also, every time you go to get out of the car, you have to re-holster your firearm. The more you take your gun in and out of holsters, the greater the odds are you may have an accidental discharge one day.

Just some scenarios to consider before dropping coin on this purchase.
What I do like about that vehicle holster is it looks solid. Shouldn’t move or become a projectile if you end up in an accident.


Wondering folks’ thought on two simultaneous holsters, one gun? One being your main shoulder, hip-side or appendix, but what about adding an ankle holster for when driving? Is that more comfortable when driving?

Not really sure, never thought about it.

I carry AIWB, seatbelt and shirt tucked behind it when I drive.

A retired PD friend of mine carries in an ankle holster sometimes and likes it while driving. Says it is more comfortable and can be easier to get to in some scenarios. He still carries one at 5 O’ Clock though on top of the ankle backup.

For some people this may work where it may not work for others, especially in hot climates or the size gun you carry. If it is just for the car though, great. Again, you are holstering and re-holstering the firearm continuously, and if in a hurry for some reason or another, you can increase the likelihood of an accidental discharge.

To each is own though and as long as you can be safe with it, then go for it.

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CCW within my county of California defines Concealed Carry as on your person…not in your car concealed.
I heard both from my CCW instructor (Federal firearms instructor, former law enforcement) and another law enforcement, they expect your CCW on your person.
If you are traveling, when traveling, it is to be in a locked container and ammunition is away from the locked firearm.
If you leave the vehicle and the firearm is in the vehicle, they expect it to be in OAG approved locked container locked to the vehicle. A container is not supposed to be “attached” (with bolts) to the vehicle, then it is considered part of the vehicle (like a glove box). It is illegal to carry a firearm in a vehicle locking glove box or locking center console in California. With a CCW, it will probably boil down to the discretion of the officer and what county requires. IDK. I’d rather be safe and as legal as possible here in CA.

Hence, I don’t think this little blurb quite addresses all that could happen in CA.

No, it’s in my holster, wedged between my belly and my seatbelt. Hold on a minute, Mr. Bad Guy, I just have to reach… wait a second, let me roll to my side… I just need to undo my seatbelt a second and then… oh, let me straighten out a bit… suck in the gut… alright, there it is… AHA, I have a pistol!


LOL, funny thing is though I carry AIWB. Seatbelt and shirt tucked behind it so I have direct access. :wink:

Just things to think about and evaluate before deciding best storage and carry options.

My biggest concern is blowing the ole family jewels off if SHTF and I need to draw, so I practice, practice and practice some more so hopefully that doesn’t happen should I ever have to draw.

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I just keep mine in the console, like Samuel L. Jackson does.
If it’s good enough for Nick Fury, it’s good enough for me.


I don’t think it was meant to, and that’s why the link to the CA Penal Code is there. Trying to weed through the actual code provisions, however, is a major effort. It would be nice if “common sense gun law” would include ordinary citizens being able to read and understand the codes so they are able to follow the law.

My feeling is the best way to be CCW safe and legal in California is to be in a different state. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Best response ever, lol!


I agree!!! Lol

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Just received my ccw in Florida permit id link an answer as well