Travelling in my car in Florida (Within the state)

I live in Miami, FL and have read the FL statutes as it relates to carrying a firearm in a vehicle and it totally does not make sense. I have a concealed weapon carry permit in Florida and from what I understand, I may carry while in my vehicle while the firearm in on my person, holstered and concealed of course. However, while driving, I do not like to have a firearm strapped to my body with a round in the chamber because in the event of a major crash, I cannot predict how the impact would effect the firearm. Safety on or whatever, it is a mechanical device and any mechanical device can fail under extreme circumstances. Perhaps, I am being over cautious. However, I was in a bad crash in 1994 as a passenger where the driver (my fiancée) was unfortunately killed so I did see first hand how a car can be dismantled in a violent crash.

Back to the topic… I normally kept my firearm which is either a Sig P365XL or a Springfield Ronin .45 in the center console while holstered so that qualified under Florida law as “fully encased”. However, that was with my previous car that had a large center console. I just purchased a new BMW 550 M that has a center console that is too small to fit any firearm in it.

So to that point, I am asking opinions of those living in FL or other states that have similar laws for suggestions. Don’t want to keep the firearm in the glove box as it is too far to reach. Some friends have suggested that I buy soft cases or hard boxes and attach to the carpeted area under the dash with Velcro.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Take care and be well!


Welcome to the family brother @Anthony280 and you are in the right place at the right time.

Hey brother I’m a former New Yorker also and now reside in VA. Check your state reciprocity map and gun laws it may explain it clearer. But I was also going to suggest this YouTube channel called Tampa Carry and subscribe to it. It’s a husband and wife team named Ryan and Tiffany. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to gun laws and break things down for you. They even put out a Q&A once a week. I hope this helps.


Good question. I’ve found a holster made to mount to the bottom front of the driver’s seat or passenger seat between your legs. The thing to remember is that your firearm is there and don’t leave it unattended. If you must leave the firearm in the vehicle, mount a gun vault under the seat if possible.
I don’t remember what holster site I found for the seat mount but search the web, I’m sure you’ll find it.
Thanks for being a concerned protector.


First, welcome! :+1:

Second, nice choice of firearms and vehicle, just be sure to lose the vehicle before 50k miles - trust me, I’ve had a number of them, fun to drive, but have a lot of sacrificial wear out items.

Wish I had a good recommendation to work around the center console issue, but do not have a solid solution. Several of my friends stuff their firearm in a holster between the driver’s seat and center console here in Florida. I have asked several Police about the legality and they are Okay with it, but I don’t read the statues that way. I personally leave it on my waist and have practiced clearing the seatbelt and cover garment to get to it quickly.


Continued from previous blog on this subject.
I live in Florida and I investigated the Statues about carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. The answer is YES you can. Also my suggestion of a holster mounted to the front of the seat is a good way. Can be acquired quickly and easily. Also keeps it pretty much out of sight while your sitting in the seat.
Statues come from February 2021 date.
Florida recognizes alot of other states CCW’s.
Search the web for Florida handgun Statues on traveling in a vehicle, it’s easy to see for yourself.
Also, I have been always told to ask questions. It shows you are a alert and concerned protector.
Thank you.


I tend to trust those answers about state laws from residents of those actual states, so I feel awkward even to dare to question Floridians on this one. I did not look up the statutes on FL, but when I quickly glanced the USCCA webpage on FL regs, the impression I got (which could be wrong) is this:

If one does not possess a FL concealed carry permit/license, then when transporting it in their vehicle, yes it must be encased in a special way, inaccessible from arm’s length reach.

However, since you have a conceal carry permit/license, then you might not have to encase it (as long as you are within reach); As long as it is not visible, meaning none of the steel, plastic, handle or muzzle can be seen. If that is correct, then you can have it off of your body, but within arm’s reach, in any place or position you like but as long as it’s got some form of clothing on it, not in the nude (per se). If this is accurate, then it could open up some more options for you.

IDK, don’t take word, might be worth triple checking out the regs/laws.

Lots of great ideas above, all better than mine. I experience this in my state, so I’ve gotten used to shoulder holster; Found a lighter weight cloth holster at a low price, and a couple of different leather ones I’m experimenting with.

And I have experimented with my waist carry by adjusting the firearm in different positions, 3 - O - Clock, Vs. 4 or 5 - O - Clock, and found my sweet spot.

I’m reluctant to suggest not keeping one in the chamber when driving, just not my style, but it could be another option. I tried ankle and thigh carry in my vehicle, but it was just not easy for me in my particular situation.

Saw a “unique” car safe by Hornady Co., linked below, about $307; Not sure if any stores from the USCCA discount page offer any discount on it. I guess on the down side, anyone can see the safe in one’s car and it could attract a thief (not sure throwing a towel over it when the car is parked is a solution).

Anything for a Floridian partner. I have some cousins there, and dear FL issued me their permit. Welcome Anthony.

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I live in FL. Since you have a CCW, I don’t believe you are required to enclose, lock, separate magazine from your weapon. Two most important things to consider are:

  • parking at schools, post offices, federal institutions, sea ports: you are not allowed to leave a weapon in your vehicle in the parking lot. Park across the street.
  • break ins: if you must leave the weapon in the car, do your best not to attract crooks’ attention by making it visible, or a safe visible, nor give them easy opportunity to snatch the gun from your glove box.

Good product I have seen that safe and reviews on it.

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In Florida your vehicle is considered the same as your domicile, (house). As transporting, as I said before Florida recognizes other state CCW’S so the firearm can be on your 2,3,4 or 5 o’clock or hidden within reach.
Note: Must have a legal CCW up to date and in your possession.

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Hello and welcome @Anthony280

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes and the very informative replies!