State of Florida gun Law Statutes

This question is to my fellow Free State of Florida residents. I am hearing conflicting positions
regarding lega way of carrying in your vehicle. I have had police officers tell one thing and Gun Dealers

According to my last encounter, I was told by Police office that I must have firearm in Middle compartment
or Glove Compartment as opposed to on me.

Also, same officer, conveyed I could not have one in the chamber. advised I could load one in the cha ber upon exiting my vehicle. I believe doing this would constitute conceal to exposing weapon a dfinete No No.

Can anyone point me to Florida statues, My first is to follow the Law! I support the Blue w/o question but
I am also an advid supporter of my 2nd Ammenment rights.


Call the state AG’s office or talk to a lawyer, or both.


I appreciate your concerns and comments. I do not
have the answers, or the reasons police seem to
mistreat gun owners and abuse laws and rights. Some
of those legal experts need to grow up some.

I live in Florida and 25 years has been very wild with
Deputy Sheriff’s and know it all neighbors/busy bodies.
I have kept mouth shut and walk away, all they are
looking for is to abuse you or I in the worse ways.

I appreciate you asking questions, please, best wishes
and don’t stop.


Licensed under Florida statute 790.06

(b) A person licensed under this section is not prohibited from carrying or storing a firearm in a vehicle for lawful purposes.


I appreciate everyone’s response. Furthering my research, it appears that as a result of
Having a concealed carry permit, I am allowed to carry on my body in the car also discovered that the three step access does not and never has existed in Florida.

I have always supported and continue to support the blue!


This book is a must read for all Florida residents. I can’t describe how clear, complete and useful it is, for pretty much any legal firearms question you might have. If there are any ambiguities in the law, the author, who is a Florida attorney, explains the ambiguity and all relevant case law so you can make up your own mind in those cases.

I’ve read my copy cover to cover several times. Also, you can download updates as laws change.

Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership 2023-2024


While I support law enforcement professionals, there have been multiple occasions in my numerous years where a LEO has given me wrong advice, or threatened me with a traffic ticket due to an incorrect interpretation of the law.

I’d trust the gun store employee before I depended on the opinion of a LEO, but that is just my bias.

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I have seen a surprising number of examples of LEOs having very poor/completely wrong understandings of the laws they are charged with enforcing.

For legal advice it is best to ask a lawyer with experience in firearm laws.


Fl stat. 790.25 (5)

Definitely trust the statutes over the advice of LEOs. But as @Joseph488 pointed out there are often ambiguities and conflicting laws that need to be taken into account.

For instance I was under the impression that FL is now a constitutional carry State. I would assume that means anyone who can legally posses a firearm can carry one concealed on there person with a round in the chamber in or out of their vehicle?? But without a concealed carry license it is illegal to carry in this manner through a school zone under federal law. You can be legal under one law but not another.

The State and Federal governments force us to walk through a legal minefield in order to exercise our supposedly Constitutionally affirmed right to self defense. Given all the conflicting and vague statutes it is understandable why LEOs and even prosecutors don’t have a clear understanding of the laws they are enforcing. Though they should have a much better grasp than they seem to before threatening to take peoples rights and freedoms away.


Link to our own UCSSA site info on state gun laws…

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In Florida and I live here there is a two move rule for a gun in a vehicle.

You could keep one in a center console or glove box as that requires two moves open one for access and the other to get the firearm out.

And with CC now the law of the land in FL that still applies ,unless you want to wear a holster and carry it concealed.