Legal question. Carry in your car with no CCW (yet)

Can I carry in my car in a glove box in a zipper pouch with one in my chamber legally?

We have no clue without knowing your location. Laws vary widely by locale.

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Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. I reside in Florida.

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I also live in Florida. As I understand it, under Florida’s Castle Doctrine, your vehicle is considered an extension of your home. But, do your own research on the laws. A good place to start is here.


@OldGnome , I went looking for that. Thanks for the help!

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I was hoping that some one would verify what I have read. Just don’t want to end up with a new pair of bracelets while trying to be legal.

Then you’re looking for legal advice. I suggest you contact an attorney.


In my state, you can transport firearms in your car without a concealed carry permit, so long as it’s not loaded. The legal question has long been what it means to be “unloaded.” Many people say that to play it safe, you should keep the firearm and the ammunition in completely different sections of your vehicle, and/or in different locked cases.

On this forum, a lot of people will tell you that your firearm is unloaded if the chamber is empty, but we aren’t the people who get to decide whether to prosecute you.

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Welcome Waldentj.

About storing it the way you described. Of course, please double check the laws.

“If you exit the vehicle”, and leave the firearm inside the vehicle, in a locked container or locked glove box in your car, I’m not sure if it needs to be unloaded, and/or if the ammo needs to be in a separate locked container as well. Worth looking into more.

My car’s glove box was broken into by a thief, though my gun wasn’t in it. I bought a stronger safe which is attached to my car via a steel cable. However, I need to look into bolting or welding it on. Safe travels.

Two discussion links:

I defiantly would not recommend practicing that if you plan on ever wanting to have a Carry Permit (depending on the State). You need to look at Fire Arm Transportation Laws in your State. I know in Ohio you’d be in violation of the law and possibly arrested for being in violation of our CHL law (depending on the officer).

Bottom line:
Just go to the class and get your permit.

However, if you want to be risky…

State Statutes

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Nice, Parker. Two of your points resonated with me, about preparing to be licensed to conceal carry, and how precious it is that we use extra care to be ‘law abiding citizens’, in order to be granted permits. Great advice, especially for our youth.

So i did contact a lawyer recently in regards to this and found the answer for my state. ( mag out,separate of the weapon, in a zippered pouch, in a glove box is 100% legal. )

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