Carrying an AR pistol

Just got my 300 blackout pdw. I think I want to get a bag to carry it with me when I’m traveling. Anyone carry their AR pistol? What do you recommend?



Hey @Brandon48…check out the link to this thread from last fall…good info there.


It’s funny-I recently purchased some a “tactical” diaper bag for my 9 month old. My 300 blackout actually fits in there. The wife just doesn’t like digging around it for diapers. :joy:


I have a Daniels Defense. That I EDC in my cars safe. In light of how world is right now I wanted a bit more than what I EDC on my person


In order to conceal it better, I would recommend the stock folder add-on. Obviously because its a buffer tube system, the stock has to be unfolded to fire, but you can at least make the over all length shorter!


This is what I use:

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I got a Hornady RapidID vault and secured it in our Suburban.

Fits great and works well.

I used a discount code from YouTube’r The Daily Shooter for Optic Planet. It was also on sale and delivered in 2 weeks.

Just got some bulletproof diaper bags my family too. Since my wife and kids have no interest or ability to CC the next best thing is making them carry a soft |||A insert in all bags and packs. All the new tech in panels makes weight performance and price so good there is no excuse to not EDC a shield.