Bugout Bag and Gun Storage?

I love this idea! Especially for people who have limited storage.

Does anyone have a similar idea for storage?


This is neat, but I would get the hidden shelving units instead.
Like these

I want quick access if my firearm. I feel like retreating into a closet isn’t quite right for my needs.

@Dawn Do you stay armed at home? Bedtime and early morning coffee is the only time I don’t have a gun on me. I know that doesn’t work for some people — I get it — but I find it easier than planting gun saves around my house.


Depends on the day - my granddaughter is with us part of the time. Those nights I secure my firearm early because she’s starting to get into everything and I’m not used to her always being around and so into everything!


I think it depends in where you are… when I lived in Palm Springs an expensive garment bag meant expensive furs… it would be on a bad guys shopping list.

I prefer purpose-built gear designed for organized use. The GPS Tactical Range Backpack (super organized and it locks) for the range. The Jotto holster for securing jn a vehicle. A proper backpacking internal frame pack for a get-home bag. My granddaughter wants something like the floating gun storage shelves. I prefer to just have my firearm on me.


Just looked at the gps tactical backpack. Gotta get one of those


I have this one that I don’t use anymore. Would you like it?

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I had something like this years and years ago but got rid of it. It was a actually a plastic hardcase that you hung in the closet and could be mixed in with your clothes to hide (held about 5 handguns) . It was actually pretty nice, I don’t recall why I got rid of it.

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You do realize criminals watch and learn everything you do about how to hide your stuff. Only difference is they do it to make a living. Oooops there goes another descent idea.

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If you go to a local big box sporting goods store you can usually find a decent heavy duty “Gym” bag in Non-Tacticool colors. Some are divided, have zippered compartments and other features you can even get them like 40" long. If you leave the tail end of a dirty tee shirt or cut off blue jean leg (gun assembly and cleaning pad) hanging out one side or the other it looks a lot like a bag of dirty laundry.




Not sure this is a great idea but it might be worth considering for storage in the closet, but most assuredly not as a 'bug out bag (BOB).

Not easily carried, and you should limit your BOB to survival required items such as a means of starting fire, making or having shelter, trash bags and / or tarps, blanket and a few other items and some spare ammunition for the firearm you should already be carrying.

If you have more than one person or have a larger pack, a collapsible rifle or shotgun might be of value.

This ‘garment’ bag is more awkward and not something that can easily be put on your shoulders and carried like a pack
Unless it has some form of carry to be carried over your shoulders along with a pack, it just seems to be more for your closet.

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Great “camouflage” idea!

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