Cant carry on Post/Base. Cant carry in courthouse. Cant carry in bars.

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I carry almost all the time. There are places I (have to) go where I can’t carry. doctor’s appointments, Hospital any government facility and the like.
But otherwise, I carry, even at home. By carrying in the house it helps you get acclimated with the guns weight how it feels when sitting moving etc. It should be a part of your daily routine You may find that you need to change holsters or where or how you carry. It also allows you to work on your wardrobe in the comfort of your home. You may find you need different shirts, bigger waistline pants, an actual gun belt just my .02 either way good luck


I picked my doctor because at his private practice, no gun signs… the chiropractor me and the wife use is one big mean looking sob. He’s one of Gods soldiers on earth and he talked my wife into carrying. He tells everyone that comes to his practice to lay their gun on a bench before adjusting. No gun he asks them why not :grin:


Thank you Johnnyq60. You guys are like family already.

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I carry everywhere I legally can. I will admit I’m apprehensive to carry in a children’s play place/ bounce house facility.

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THANK YOU Danny28 for your service !!!
I carry everyday, everywhere,if my gun can’t go in,I don’t do business . Glad a couple or so Panera bread stores closed here in Losersville,Ky. ,they are anti gun !!
My input on the sword is,GOD is TRUTH ! ALL His word is never changing.
If the weak don’t want to carry, it’s their right and freedom bought and paid for by US VETERANS ,and those who never came home,the True Heroes. DON’T TREAD ON ME !!
Think smart,the SWORD is not a literal sword even though it could be. Gun,sword,alcohol,drugs,food, sex,arrogance ,nasty attitude, whatever your vise maybe that causes you to stumble.
My suggestion is for everyone to read what " YOUR" duty to the community and citizens. You have a duty !!!

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What’s that old saying?
Something about having it and not needing it?


Simple answer for me and HH6 is yes! :us:

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