Carry Age?


My kids like what I do - they believe in it too. None of them are old enough to carry, but they are well versed in firearm safety and where to find the laws when they travel. One of my 19 yo’s posted this link on a social media platform with the description asking Wisconsin to do it too… what are your thoughts?


If you can carry one in Afghanistan you can carry one here.


At 18 you’re legally considered an adult and become eligible to vote, enter the military, etc. One should also be able to protect themselves at all times including the ability to carry a concealed weapon. To me requiring a person to wait is like telling someone their life isn’t important enough or worth protecting until they reach the arbitrarily set state mandated age.


I agree with the others here. At 18, we are legally considered adults. 21 is simply an arbitrary number picked by the same folks who think that limiting magazines to 10 rounds will actually prevent mass shootings and other murders.


18 is fine by me.


At 18, the military will issue you a pistol, machine gun, and TELL YOU to use multimillion dollar equipment. 18 is good with me.


I agree if someone is 18 they are considered an adult. And I’m fine with letting 18 year old’s getting a carry permit as long as they go through the training and class that goes with it. That way they know the laws and what they could or could not do.

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Playing devil’s advocate here…

Should we have to take classes to exercise our Second Amendment rights, @Reloader54?


@Dawn I believe that if you are going to carry you need some education on gun safety and security since not everyone is raised around guns with people who are also educated with safety being high on the list. If you’re in the military they train you in every aspect of gun control, breakdown, and most of all safety for you and everyone around you. I know we shouldn’t have to do gun classes just to exercise our 2A rights, but we also don’t need “hot heads” out here packing that are not educated enough to know what you are expected to be able to do in certain situations.

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I’m still playing devil’s advocate here, @Damon. I firmly believe that these types of questions help us educate ourselves so we can have the best gun-related conversations possible. Please know that is my purpose and I’m not trying to be intentionally annoying. :wink:

How much training is needed to carry? I’ve seen classes that are 4 hours long and no one ever picks up a firearm. And then I’ve seen classes that are two days long and require a live-fire qualification.

Do you think requiring a class will remove the “hot heads” from carrying?


@Dawn it may not help to a certain extent to get everyone into a 3-4 day training & shooting program, but if you can educate those who are wanting to carry and really be able to get through to them that you have have the moral obligation to the safety of the public as well as yourself and make them actually think about what is required when it comes to the use of deadly force then it may help. Make them think of the families and the general public that’s around them and what would they want to happen if someone just got mad and started pulling a gun and shooting. Sometimes you just have to really drill into a person the responsibility they have while carrying a firearm in public and just getting mad doesn’t justify the reason to pull. I have road rage when dealing with stupidity on the roads (people on their cellphone not paying attention to the world around them) and yet no one has to worry about me because I know my responsibility to carry and can’t just shoot someone because they are stupid or makes me mad.


I totally get that, @Damon and agree about distracted drivers (with summer coming up it’s bound to get worse with windows open, radios louder and still texting while driving :frowning: )

I think those who want to carry responsibly will do so without a required class. And those who don’t care about the laws and responsibilities can take thousands of hours of required classes and still not care about it.

It’s such a slippery slope IMO.


I agree it’s a slippery slope @Dawn and there are those who just can’t be helped and I just believe in my own mind and my own opinion that gun training (classes and range time) can’t hurt to help educate some.


Dawn, I do have a Arizona Carry Permit even though I don’t need one in Arizona. I got my permit so that I would know about the legal parts that I’d need to know. And I’m always trying to learn more when it comes to firearms and safety. And I do feel that if you own a firearm that you should get training on not only how to use it, store it, but also how to maintain it as well. Because I feel that all of these things go hand in hand with owning a firearm.


Exactly, @Reloader54! People who want to learn whether it’s required or not, right?

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19 for service Men and Women and 21 with a discipline and safety class training for civilians.


Why 19 for those who entered the military at 18 and can die for their country, @Jesse?

There are a lot of states right now that don’t require anyone over 21 to do any classes for any type of carry.


Yes Dawn. For those that want to learn. Arizona is one of now 16 states that are CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY. And no one needs a permit to carry in the state. But I do advise on getting one even though not needed.

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I’ll play Devils Advocate to your question. Would it be better in court, for a person who has had training and/or a ccw course to get a license, than someone that has not in a Constitutional Carry state?


Good Question.

At 19 years service men and women are fully developed and trained on how to handle weapons and difficult situations.

As for civilians today, it’s a very sensitive subject. Therefore, I will take the fifth if you don’t mind, but I will share my opinion with you in private, if you wish.

For example: my boys were trained at almost 10 yrs old by myself, my brother and brother in law (2 SF’s and 1 Marine).

How many families are like yours and mine today?

God have mercy on us!

But this is only my opinion!

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