In this case, even in California, it ceases to be a property crime.

As an aside:

In my car, there are no papers identifying me or where I live. The registration lives in my wallet, along with my insurance card and DL.

If you have a in-car only GPS… . don’t be labling things “Home” “Mom” “work”

That case, if my ride gets carjacked… and they get stopped… no papers! Step out of the car, please…


I remember a couple of years ago, there was a rash of snatch-and-grab car break-ins. The thieves were after registrations and, if available, garage door openers. The idea was that if someone was away in their car, and expected to be gone for awhile filing a police report, then the house was likely unoccupied. I remember our local PD asked people to lock their glove boxes, but keeping papers on your person makes sense, too.

If your wallet or cell phone gets taken or lost? I have vital data encrypted on security program which includes find your phone location using a anti-theft GPS location application.

You trust the russians, I don’t. (Kaspersky is either Russian or Ukranian)

All I need is a web browser. Because my phone is an iphone I don’t need any 3rd party help whatsoever. All I need is just a browser. My phonebook, etc is on icloud and all my itoys. Then I show the nice po-lice man where the crim is, so they can take him milk and cookies and a warm fuzzy blanket made from unicorn fur to help him get over the trauma of being arrested for petit theft, which means he’ll be out in 20 minutes.

As for the wallet… one phone call and all the cards get shut down. If the phone stays but the wallt’s taken I can even do that from my phone without a call… thumb open the WF app, and turn off all cards. My CCW and DL are in there, and both have my address on it. That’s bad. So I guess I’ll have to be all “I’m gonna reach real slow, and I’m gonna give you my wallet, OK?” and then either pepper-blast him with my left hand, or with my right… well… that’s where I keep my not-so-pepper defense tool.

I can’t cover all the bases, none of us can. But make it so they have to work extra-delux-hard to get what’s yours.

One time, oh… 1994? 1993? I"m in Tampa, left straight lane of a road that was 2 left turns, 3 straight lanes, and a right-hand turn lane. So I’m on the left-most straight. I"m at a light, waiting for it to go green. Traffic is still flowing crosswise. I have my eye on the oncoming lanes. Out of nowhere this vagrant starts pounding my glass (driver’s) with fist. I didn’t have guns back then. But even if I did, I didn’t see any on him, or a knife, or rocks or anything, just pounding. So I just put it into first, gauged the next big hole in traffic, and pulled a right-turn from the left-most straight lane, across 3 lanes of my own road, and ended up in the crossroad right behind someone else, with someone else behind me. Much honking and finger flipping from all involved, and I dunno what happened to the bum.

That’s the only time anyone’s physically touched my car with me in it.

I trust Kaspersky more than I trust the NSA to obtain a backdoor to USA products.

If you’re on Microsoft products, NSA already has you. That whole TPM on intel chips gives me the creeps too.

And microsoft’s virus scanner? The one I use? I’m 99.9995% sure it phones home all sorts of intel about me and my files to MS.

This whole computer thing feels a bit like no man’s land in ww 1. You have to assume everyone is trying to get into your wallet and monetize your clicks, sell your info to ad sellers, and rat you out when you’re “problematic.”

Hm. Just like walking down the street in Miami. Only the ads on the bus stops don’t track your eyeballs.



I lived in Chicago for most of my life and left the area about 20 years ago to rural Illinois. Should have left the state altogether but here’s my strategy to avoid carjackings: Stay away:

It’s best to stay out of Chicago or even Cook County as a whole. The end of cash bail in Illinois will make the frequency of carjackings and violent crime as a whole increase dramatically. Cook County had already done this in 2019/2020 and violent crime there skyrocketed. This is a good website to get a taste of crime in Chicago:


I never understood why more people don’t think this way. I keep my hand on the pump at all times “just in case” - a face full of 93 Octane, I imagine, puts someone down pretty quickly as well…especially if they’re a smoker :wink:

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Right there with you - intention is to be out of this s****hole state as soon as possible

The government in this state has all but sanctioned crime throughout but primarily in Chicago. You used to be able to go downtown at 3am and nobody would bother you,…literally nobody. Now you are taking your life in your hands being there on a Sunday afternoon. Criminals are back on the street before the cop has finished the paperwork for even the most violent of crimes, including carjacking.

Chicago: Come for the Pizza, stay because you were murdered

Come to Southern Illinois. Joe’s has Chicago style pizza.

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