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Fresno County, and City, and Madera County still issue CCWs.

I just heard from my County’s DA officers that Newsom is trying to make churches gun-free zones.
Can anyone substantiate this?

I just noticed this topic now. Unfortunately, I live in L.A. County. And even worse, I live within a few miles of two shall issue counties! I applied several years ago, took the required CCW class before applying to show good faith, and I had/still have a clean record. My last infraction was for speeding and that was in 2002-2003. I felt that I wasted a lot of valuable time and money on the process but not necessarily on the class. I was surprised that I was able to accomplish the Failure to Stop or Mozambique drill successfully the 2nd time I did it at the class. I took notes and the class was valuable overall. About a year later I went through an incident that really frightened me because I almost shot one of three ex-cons (4 including the driver) trying to do a home invasion. I had to protect my handicapped mother’s life as well. Then I had two less dramatic incidents also at home, but one of them involved a couple where the guy was hiding on the side of the door preparing to attack me or whoever would have answered the door. I haven’t carried a gun but I do carry less than lethal tools and a folder knife. I have had experiences in the recent past and today where I felt I needed to have a gun just in case. Today was a reminder that my tools would have been less effective if the homeless man that was wandering the gas station where I was putting gas would have posed an imminent threat. As I was about to pump gas, that man came to my mother’s window to ask for money, so I immediately got in the car and rolled up the windows and just waited to see what he would do. He was going up to others to ask for money. He eventually walked away, but it’s just another reminder that I need to carry concealed. I will take classes in leu of a permit and hopefully begin conceal carrying. I just can’t continue to risk my life or my mother’s life, whom I’m a caregiver for. Crime is getting worse, and besides the fact that police don’t have a duty to protect, they also always arrive too late and only to take a report of a grievous injury or death.

Anyone know where CA is regarding carry by non-residents now after Bruen?

I’m not aware of any court cases for this (although it’s difficult to keep track of all of them). Most of the emphasis after Bruen has been trying to overturn the AWB, magazine capacity restrictions, inability to buy ammo online without going through an FFL & background check, and getting rid of the “handgun roster”. One immediate result was that I didn’t have to provide a “good cause” statement to “beg” for my permit renewal.

On the flip side, I’ve always been baffled by all the other states who don’t let me carry with a CA permit in spite of how difficult it has historically been to get a permit in CA. I can get a non-resident permit from AZ without as much hassle as in CA and they’ll respect the AZ permit, but not the CA permit. That’s never made sense to me.