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Fresno County, and City, and Madera County still issue CCWs.

I just heard from my County’s DA officers that Newsom is trying to make churches gun-free zones.
Can anyone substantiate this?

I just noticed this topic now. Unfortunately, I live in L.A. County. And even worse, I live within a few miles of two shall issue counties! I applied several years ago, took the required CCW class before applying to show good faith, and I had/still have a clean record. My last infraction was for speeding and that was in 2002-2003. I felt that I wasted a lot of valuable time and money on the process but not necessarily on the class. I was surprised that I was able to accomplish the Failure to Stop or Mozambique drill successfully the 2nd time I did it at the class. I took notes and the class was valuable overall. About a year later I went through an incident that really frightened me because I almost shot one of three ex-cons (4 including the driver) trying to do a home invasion. I had to protect my handicapped mother’s life as well. Then I had two less dramatic incidents also at home, but one of them involved a couple where the guy was hiding on the side of the door preparing to attack me or whoever would have answered the door. I haven’t carried a gun but I do carry less than lethal tools and a folder knife. I have had experiences in the recent past and today where I felt I needed to have a gun just in case. Today was a reminder that my tools would have been less effective if the homeless man that was wandering the gas station where I was putting gas would have posed an imminent threat. As I was about to pump gas, that man came to my mother’s window to ask for money, so I immediately got in the car and rolled up the windows and just waited to see what he would do. He was going up to others to ask for money. He eventually walked away, but it’s just another reminder that I need to carry concealed. I will take classes in leu of a permit and hopefully begin conceal carrying. I just can’t continue to risk my life or my mother’s life, whom I’m a caregiver for. Crime is getting worse, and besides the fact that police don’t have a duty to protect, they also always arrive too late and only to take a report of a grievous injury or death.

Anyone know where CA is regarding carry by non-residents now after Bruen?

I’m not aware of any court cases for this (although it’s difficult to keep track of all of them). Most of the emphasis after Bruen has been trying to overturn the AWB, magazine capacity restrictions, inability to buy ammo online without going through an FFL & background check, and getting rid of the “handgun roster”. One immediate result was that I didn’t have to provide a “good cause” statement to “beg” for my permit renewal.

On the flip side, I’ve always been baffled by all the other states who don’t let me carry with a CA permit in spite of how difficult it has historically been to get a permit in CA. I can get a non-resident permit from AZ without as much hassle as in CA and they’ll respect the AZ permit, but not the CA permit. That’s never made sense to me.

Are you still having a problem getting a CCW? I understand since SCOTUS the arbitrary nature of the CCW process (show cause) is no longer an issue.

Even LA is issuing them as I understand it.

Good luck to you. Even with my California CCW, my Florida CCW and my Utah CCW, the smartest thing it to avoid problem areas and problem times of day/night. Always be alert. Especially these days


I won’t apply as long as I’m living in L.A. County. The status quo is the same and deeply entrenched in L.A. County. I don’t believe anything has changed and it’s probably worse with the new Sheriff. I’ll spend my money wisely on training instead.

Ernest, I received my CCW here in LA County last year. The Sheriff’s department is still approving them, but the City/County Board is of course, anti-gun. Therefore, they will not approve the sheriff department the necessary funds they need to hire more interviewers. Last I heard (unofficial) is there are 10 interviewers for several thousands of applications.
If you purchased your firearms in state, they already have your info. Receiving your CCW doesn’t change that. I’d go ahead and apply, though the time will be lengthy to wait, and yes, costly for training and approval. When it comes to safety, I figure it is worth it.
Stay safe, learn all you can, keep your head, and God bless!

Thank you Derrell. I appreciate your information and encouragement. I already went through the process of taking classes and applying, and I probably spent over $300, which was 8 years ago. At that time I was staying at a hotel with my mother because our house had incurred water damage. I was and still am her caregiver, so it wasn’t easy having to get up early to take the required CCW classes. That was a pretty stressful time but I was hopeful that I’d eventually get a CCW and very disappointed when I was denied. I felt that I put in all my effort and went the extra mile to do my best but it wasn’t enough. I actually had to take my gun with me from the hotel and I didn’t feel comfortable taking it back and forth from my room. It was my domicile for a week, so I think I was justified to have my gun with me but I may be wrong. I don’t think I’d go through that again, and I’m not in a position to spend the money on the process of getting a CCW and taking the required classes. It’s probably a lot more expensive now. Instead, I’ll take gun training classes if and when it’s economically viable for me, and hold tight to those certificates as proof that I’m a lawful and responsible armed citizen. I don’t conceal carry yet because I want to be confident in my ability to defend myself and others. Did citizens need to have a permit to bear arms in 1791? Absolutely not. If a right doesn’t require permission, why would I be worried about not having a CCW? Had I known more about our right to bear arms like I do now, I wouldn’t have taken the required CCW class to begin with; much less applied for a CCW. I don’t drink or participate in any risky behavior. I’m like the proverbial grey man, unassuming, and I avoid any trouble or argument even if I’m justified in arguing my point.

Sorry to wait so long in replying. You’re correct about our natural and constitutional right to carry. We shouldn’t have to apply for a right. Nonetheless, if you were to get caught without a CCW permit, you stand the probability of losing your gun, plus breaking a “law” on your record. Doesn’t look good for your future. If you were to continue to carry and get caught again, you’d be in a legal world of hurt. That’s why I encourage CA folks to go ahead and apply, pay their money, and be done with it. Then you can carry with a greater conscience. They’re still approving last I heard. Or, move to a conservative county and get it faster.

I appreciate your input and willingness to discuss this issue. I’ve tried to reach out to others but to no avail. People are too scared to challenge unjust and illegal mandates because we’ve become too complacent as a society for decades. We’ve allowed ourselves to become subservient to government rather than how it was designed, which is the opposite. I’m aware of what you wrote regarding violating illegal mandates. Nonetheless, those mandates do not trump or supersede the Constitution. The Bruen decision clarified and reiterated the right to bear arms. Several lawful citizens in CA have had to use their guns to defend themselves and even those without CCWs weren’t prosecuted. I’m pretty sure that quite a few lawful citizens in L.A. County are carrying without permits because unjust laws and permit schemes prohibit them from ever acquiring a CCW. I spoke to a person I know who’s applied for a CCW in L.A. County and he’s pretty sure he’ll get his. He knows someone on the inside. That’s pretty much how you obtain a CCW in L.A. County if you’re not a retired cop/fireman, a judge or VIP. I’m more concerned about not being able to adequately defend myself and others because I only carry less than lethal tools and a small folder knife. I also want to be confident when carrying and be prepared to know when to use lethal force. I’ve already experienced an imminent threat where I had to also defend my mother with my shotgun. And prior to that experience, I had to run for my life in one incident, and actually walk past 3 big guys intent on harming me in another incident. But I can’t always count on miracles or help from anyone during and imminent threat(s). It concerns me that I’d be unprepared if that had occurred outside of my home because I’m still currently at a disadvantage. The attempted home invasion incident where I had to use my shotgun to deter a threat was instrumental in my conceal carry journey, and it’s why I initially joined USCCA. Even though I purchased an EDC gun, I have only carried it around my house. It’s ridiculous to have an EDC gun for so many years and not be able to conceal carry it due to fear and ignorance. But I will be shopping for a proper conceal carry holster and then take classes. The deputies I know are pro gun and won’t violate their oaths. Unfortunately, I can’t move because I’m my handicapped mother’s primary caregiver. So moving anywhere is out of the question. I have to do the best with the circumstances that I’m in, and that means not wasting money, time and energy on a process that’s prohibitively expensive and not guaranteed to grant me a CCW. Constitutional carry is the only sensible choice, and I doubt that will ever happen in L.A. County. “If a law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” — Thomas Jefferson

I was called yesterday to schedule picking up my permit, and that is not until March. So by the time I have my CCW permit in my hand, my wait will be 20 months.

The Lord willin and the creek don’t rise, (something my mom used to say) I will not live in California when it expires.

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Good thing you weren’t someone faced with a stalker or some other imminent threat! But congrats on the eventual permit!

My 2A right to carry when in CA is still denied as far as I can tell since I fortunately live in another state.

I completely empathize with your position but I personally would advise against this, especially in LA county. While you should have every right to carry a firearm to defend yourself the chances of you loosing all your other rights and your freedom if you are caught doing so there without a permit are likely higher than your chance of needing the firearm. That could completely remove your ability to care for your family.

It does seem that with the recent SCOTUS ruling your chances of getting a permit are significantly better now. Though sounds like you would still be forced to suffer through a lot of expense and time to get one.

It sounds like you have good situational awareness and avoidance skills. That is what I am forced to rely on when working in CA. I’ve also added martial arts training as well as carry pepper spray, a CA legal pocket knife and a sturdy pen. California does their best to make law abiding citizens as defenseless as possible but there are still options out there. The mind is the weapon the firearm is just one of many available tools. It is probably the most effective tool for leveling the playing field but not the only one. You can be significantly disadvantaged compared to the common criminals that CA seems to make little effort to disarm but you don’t have to be defenseless.

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I appreciate your input and advice. I crossed that bridge a long time ago. It’s been about 8 years since I applied and was denied a permit. I encountered that major incident where I almost shot a ghetto gangster in defense of me and my mother. There were 4 but we only thought there were 3. Then I encountered 2 minor incidents also at home but they weren’t as serious as the first one. I never would have applied for a permit knowing what I know now. My father used to carry a .32 cal Barreta back in the mid and late 60s without a permit. He finally gave it to a family friend in the early 70s. One of my friends who’s in his 70s discreetly carries a small .22 gun without a permit. He’s been carrying since the 1970s or 1960s! I’d rather be tried by a jury than regretting that I could, should, would have defended myself and my handicapped mother. The recent 7-11 shooting near me (including 2 that I drive by) really hit home. I bet those victims sure wish they had been armed. Instead, those who survived the shootings have to contend with who will pay their hospital bills and long term therapy. The man who children is in an even worse situation Who will provide for his kids while he’s stuck at home or on the hospital for a very long time? That concerns me rather than a stupid permit that I’ll probably never get anyway if I was to apply once again. LASD will most likely deny me again based on my previous denial and other egregious actions on their part like corruption. Then I will have wasted even more money because of the higher costs. No thank you! I’ll continue being the grey man while soon carrying concealed with training certificates to show my competence and adequate training.

You might contact the California State Rifle and Pistol Association. The last I heard, their legal team was looking for pro bono plaintiffs regarding exemplary CCW denials to challenge existing policies, Your situation seems to fall into that category by suffering multiple attacks.
Can’t hurt. Might help.

I appreciate that. I will do what you suggest. The last time I heard about something like that was when a black rapper was arrested after he was pulled over with a gun. He sued the LAPD or LASD for previously denying him a permit. Now if that guy was in need of a permit because of the nature of his business, which is a legitimate need as he rightfully stated, what chance do people like me with not even an infraction have? None!

The LASD CCW site has been updated, and they no longer require an applicant to demonstrate good cause.

“Please note that although Penal Code Section 26155 currently contains a requirement that an applicant demonstrate that “good cause” exists for the issuance of a CCW license, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen held that New York’s similar “proper cause” requirement was unconstitutional. Therefore, pursuant to Bruen, the Department will not enforce the “good cause” requirement and will not require an applicant to demonstrate “good cause” to qualify for a CCW license. Please note this change is reflected on the DOJ application which was revised in August of 2022 (BOF 4012).”


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Thank you. It sounds good but keep in mind that places like N.J. and N.Y. are making it impossible to obtain a CCW even though they know that proper cause is unconstitutional. Thus, the money pit I alluded to earlier in one of my messages. How many times must you reapply to finally obtain a CCW? And is it really worth your time, money and effort if it’s going to take a year or more to obtain a CCW? L.A. County is doing the same especially with the new Sheriff. I don’t trust the current L.A. County Sheriff. Remember that he’s the one who coined the new term ‘assault pistol’. I believe the last Sheriff was replaced with this one because he wouldn’t heed to their ridiculous mandates. Villanueva was very vocal and even stated that city officials hated him. There was a war among them where they no longer spoke to each other. They didn’t like the fact that he cleaned up homeless encampments along the Venice Beach boardwalk. They didn’t even want to see his painting, as he himself stated. That’s how much they hated him. The current Sheriff is a shill who bows to the will of city officials, many of them anti-gun and supportive of the permit scheme. Even I could apply, at this point I have to cut back on many things. I probably would apply for the heck of it if I had enough money to spend, even if my chances of getting a CCW were unlikely. I was saving to take at least one gun training class in the coming week but that’s not feasible at this point. I haven’t taken a class in years! I wouldn’t carry if I had a CCW until I knew I was confident and prepared to handle a situation that might require lethal force outside of my home.

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This just in—
California law mandating handgun safety features violates Second Amendment, judge says (

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