CA adds weapon & ammo tax

Here is a great way for the liberals to help deter honest people from obtaining weapons and ammo. They say it is similar to the cigarette tax.

Cig tax is reasonable as others are affected by 2nd hand smoke.

Gun/ammo tax is unreasonable as guns/ammo does not hurt anyone when in the hands of law abiding folks. It will do nothing to deter crime - as CA always says their laws are aimed to do.

This extra tax will just make it more expensive for average citizens to protect themselves, enjoy sport shooting/hunting, and competition shooting.

Sounds like it may be time to start doing my own loading - I would have to look closely if it affects bullets, powder, shells, and primers.


I disagree.

Second hand smoke is controllable and choose-able.

Also, others are affected by legal guns that get stolen and are then used in crime…and sometimes by negligence/accident it does happen…careful with the precedent of saying these things are okay because they can be used in a way that effects other people

Just say no to both/all of these government taxations


Now, tell me where the designated taxes go.


Elected officials always look at what they can tax, if they could tax tax they would.
When I bought my .300 blackout from PSA they charged me tax on the sale, my local FFL also charged me tax on it. PSA stated they had to collect the tax, NV stated they were to be the only one collecting the tax and that PSA was wrong in doing so.
I contacted each State tax department and both said they were the one to collect THE, 1 time, tax.
Bunch of crooks


to help finance gun-violence prevention and education programs

:point_up_2:t4:Look at who’s running the programs, whose finances are being “helped.”


Follow the money🤔


Kinda like punishing the police for not catching the criminals. I wouldn’t mind paying the tax if the money came back to me to prevent criminal activity. Then why not skip the middleman and reduce the price of ammo and guns and make it illegal to commit crimes.:person_shrugging:t2:


Do not forget that CA, the year prior, started requiring background purchase of ammo. That adds another fee to obtaining ammo.

I am sure the CA legislation is working up some other fee for this year as well. Issue is, that CA just keeps jacking on fees, taxes, surcharges, etc. Idea is to just make it too expensive for average people to protect themselves. Yet they keep letting criminals go with a slap on the hand.

All these fees will do nothing to deter criminals.


The ability to tax is the ability to destroy.


Then what would the ability to raise taxes be called?

That is the logic they are trying to use to to destroy criminal activity. In my mind it doesn’t work. Destroying criminal activity would not be destroying it would be creating a peaceful environment.