California's latest attack on the 2nd amendment

AB-3071 Lead ammunition: shooting ranges.

Intent of the bill: "This bill would prohibit a sport shooting range or an indoor shooting range, as defined, from selling or giving away ammunition unless that ammunition is certified as non lead ammunition by the commission. The bill would also prohibit patrons or employees of a sport shooting range or an indoor shooting range from firing ammunition unless it is non lead certified and would require a sport shooting range and an indoor shooting range to post a specified sign to that effect. "

I don’t doubt this was in the works for a while, first they pass a law requiring background checks to buy ammo, then knowing full well that Californians would go out and buy as much as they could to avoid the background checks, then they drop the lead ban making all stockpiled ammo illegal. Hopefully we can put a stop to the insanity!

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The only way you change this California insanity is by having pro gun people run for office and elect them. Once this insanity is in full swing only the criminal element will have guns and ammo because they don’t care about those laws that make honest people defenseless and at the mercy of the criminal element, so if you want change vote for the laws that want tie your hands. I can say this because I was born and raised in San Diego California.

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Sadly it’s easier said than done, hard to pass anything conservative when the majority of voters in the state are liberal, until the left gets tired of getting screwed by the policies they vote for, Ca is going to continue on its path to destruction.

My thought would be for all good people to leave the state and let it rot from it’s own decay. :roll_eyes:

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The lead game is all false.

Many years ago the feds provided California with a lead-laced poison to help California deal with a significant rodent population. In turn, the California Condor helped themselves to these dying rodents. They ingested the poison, as well. During a necropsy, “lead” was found in their tissues.

However, the particular isotope of lead doesn’t match that of the lead found in bullets. But this was the myth they propagated. It’s too late to stop that train. But, they are trying even more tactics!

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