CA AB3071 and it looks like it'll pass

AB 3071, as introduced, Mullin. Lead ammunition: shooting ranges.
Existing law requires the sale of ammunition to be conducted by or processed through a licensed ammunition vendor. Existing law also requires the use of nonlead ammunition when taking big game mammals, nongame birds, or nongame mammals within the California condor range. Existing law requires the Fish and Game Commission to maintain, by regulation, a public process to certify ammunition as nonlead ammunition and to establish and annually update a list of certified nonlead ammunition.
This bill would prohibit a sport shooting range or an indoor shooting range, as defined, from selling or giving away ammunition unless that ammunition is certified as nonlead ammunition by the commission. The bill would also prohibit patrons or employees of a sport shooting range or an indoor shooting range from firing ammunition unless it is nonlead certified and would require a sport shooting range and an indoor shooting range to post a specified sign to that effect.

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I think it is another way of restricting ammo sales and to stop people from casting lead bullets to use in reloading (just my opinion not based on fact because when do facts ever come into play where politics are concerned).


No kidding here…
Years ago I bought some rat poison. It had a warning that the product contained red dye. And that the red dye was found to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Can’t make this stuff up.


The real story is worse. The truth of the matter is that the federal government used lead-laced poison to kill off a substantial rodent issue in California. Apparently some Condors ate those dead animals and was found during necropsies and they decided that lead was killing the Condors. Ultimately, they discovered that the particular isotope of lead found in the Condors was from—you guessed it—the poison. No bullet lead was the issue. But they used that false information to begin an agenda to eradicate lead bullets from the state. They continue to perpetuate the lies.