California: Bill Filed to Harass Firearm Industry With Lawsuits

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Such a beautiful place such foolish politics…too bad


I think its the dumbest law i heard of, its like a drunk driver driving drunk and kills somone in a crash, and the victims family sues Budwieser because thats what he got drunk on …STUPID… what next? that?

“ shall have created or maintained a public nuisance… if their failure to follow federal, state, or local law caused injury or death or if the gun industry member engaged in unfair business practices .”

Seems to me that this bill does nothing except give the legislature an excuse to thump their own chests. If a “member of the firearms industry” fails to follow the numerous laws which already regulate their industry and that results in injury or death, they’re already in trouble. And if they engage in “unfair business practices” (however that’s determined by the regulators that day), they’re already in trouble. So what does this bill actually accomplish?

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Exactly what I thought, Quade5.

It’s obvious California is out of options and propositions!
Soon to be out of residents who care!
Isn’t this the current population of California?

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I saw Lenny from the Glock Store moved to Nashville…and took his business with him.
I watched some vids on Cali homeless yesterday… they’re camped along the railroad tracks in an area, San Bernardino iirc, and break into 90 railroad cars a day, mostly Amazon packages. Vid was crazy, tracks covered in packages, stuff that no one wanted (besides the purchaser :roll_eyes:) scattered all over.
Newsomes 12 billion dollar homelessness budget, spending $300-$625,000 per apartment to house the homeless, but it’s only compounding the problem.

Those are just the vaxxed.

Still have nice view of the ocean :slight_smile:

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Can we get a law to harass Calif-ornians that would be great. You know something known for causing cancer in other states.

And look… How convenient! A mass shooting involving 2 gang members expending 220 rounds plus. I heard the gunfire on the video tape and they are lying about these being select fire rifles. Chances are if anything they probably have some kind of forced reset trigger, which would be yet another thing the government wants to ban.

I am trying to figure out how the government, whether it be state, or federal times their legislation, their legislative hearings, and votes, to coincide with events like this? It’s a mystery to be sure. While I love a good mystery, one thing I am getting tired of is mass punishment being the solution to every problem. I have 6 drunk driving, whiskey plate having people in my neighborhood. They have yet to take away their right to drive, or their vehicles. Yet if one of them were to act out with a firearm, the government would want me to give mine up because apparently “Nobody” can be trusted.

ALL of the gun violence here in Minnesota, within the twin cities has been gang violence. Yet we do not have people calling out the gang culture for manifesting this violence. No, we have our leaders saying it’s time for us to give up our guns because apparently some people can’t control their behavior with them. I’m not only trying to figure out how all these teens are getting their guns, and more importantly where are they getting ammunition cheap enough to keep shooting up the place?

While we have a tragedy every day in this country, the only thing disarming the good people of this nation will do, will encourage more lawlessness and make it much easier for the criminal element to do whatever they want. Whether it be your local gangs, police, or your own government. An armed person in this country is a citizen. A disarmed person is a slave. It might be time for people to get on the phones, call their representatives and demand they stop going after the guns, and start going after the real problems, such as solving the gang crisis in this country.