New Oregon Bill proposal

Oregon law makers are proposing a new anti-gun bill that would limit round capacities to only 5 rounds.
People will need to carry .45 or 50 cal guns or smaller caliber exploding rounds.
Eventually the government will disarm the people then take over. As long as there are old school Americans still living that’ll never happen.


They can have it when they pry it, when the “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS.”


While I do work for the USCCA, this is not the opinion nor official statement by the USCCA. These statements are mine and mine alone. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard a lot about this one, and it’s frustrating, to say the least. Here’s an article from the 11th that goes into a bit of detail:

Here are a few things that the article calls out:

The bill was written by students, not lawmakers:

Wagner said the students did all the research for the bill and he hasn’t looked much into its constitutionality.

Other lawmakers did have thoughts on that aspect.

“The Oregon Constitution is clearer about the Second Amendment than the United States Constitution. We value and respect firearms in Oregon — and this is not a partisan issue,” Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, said in a statement. “The bill is culturally blind to the heritage of our state and Oregonians’ values.”

The Constitutionality of the bill hasn’t been looked into yet. (Not sure why you wouldn’t look into that before introducing a bill to make sure it had the best chance of passing.)

Other restrictions in the bill include:

  • Capping at 20 the number of rounds of ammunition a person could receive in a 30-day period, exempting shooting ranges.
  • Requiring firearms be stored with a trigger or cable lock or in a locked container when not carried or within reach of the gun’s owner.
  • Gun owners would be required to report the loss of a firearm within 24 hours.

Why would you limit a law-abiding citizens ability to train for their self-defense?

And you’d better believe if my gun was stolen I would be reporting that ASAP! (I don’t know anyone who would really “lose” a gun, no matter what they may snark about on social media. That’s terrible wording in the article IMO)

What are your thoughts about the proposed bill?

While I do work for the USCCA, this is not the opinion nor official statement by the USCCA. These statements are mine and mine alone. :slight_smile: (Yup, stating this twice :wink: )

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Are they NUTS? Nobody, NOBODY including government has the right to restrict our rights. Just my opinion, it seems Americans are becoming quick to give the American government ALL THE POWER they need to be able to obtain complete control of our lives. We continue to give up our rights without fighting back and soon we’re going to have to ask permission to use the restroom. IMO

Went they started taking hand grenades away from me I got really miffed.

Unfortunately this bill passed.
Hope we can fight it and find it to be unconstitutional. Sad day here in Oregon.