They are at it again in WA Limit to 12 round Mags

Washington State Call you State Senators now…


Call Your State Senators now…


Washington: Another Year – Another Extreme Gun Ban!

The legislature only just gaveled in this week and anti-gun legislators and gun control groups couldn’t wait to reintroduce their extreme gun ban legislation - an “assault weapons” ban, Senate Bill 5217. Having failed to gain any traction in the 2021 Regular Session, the measure has now been re-filed and scheduled for a public hearing and executive session next week in the Senate Committee on Law and Justice. At the same time, the committee will also consider anti-preemption legislation, Senate Bill 5568. Please contact committee members and strongly urge them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 5217 and Senate Bill 5568.


Connecticut has a 10 round max law already.

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California also has 10 rounds max…doesn’t make it right!


Hmm, can you just say some rounds are undocumented? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Asking for a friend.

I sold an AR lower to a friend in CA, had to get a non adjustable stock, and put the “bullet button” on it.

I felt dirty, but needed the $, and they wanted an AR.

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Hell no it don’t make it right.

CT banned AR’s after Lanza/Newtown…but now AR based “others” have spring up like crazy. AR receivers, 12" minimum barrel, mandatory vfg, brace, 26" minimum length…and 10 round mags :roll_eyes:.

Ironically, in CT, pre ban AR’s aren’t allowed a foregrip iirc, while the “others” make it mandatory.
Does any other enthusiastic go through the legislative bs that gun owners do?

Sad, I hate laws that make no sense.

Washington Senators Instructional Video for you…