NM Anti-2A Democrats at it Again

Votes tomorrow on “Safe” Storage and Magazine Capacity Bans (no grandfathering) in NM
Guns & Gear YouTube Posting- URGENT: New Mexico Votes On Magazine Ban TOMORROW!

Time to melt your representatives phone lines and fill their email inboxes


Kind of related. Say, I’m being a good sheeple and turn in my 30 round AR15 mags. What do I use? I’m not the most well versed in magazines but I just can’t recall ever seeing a 10 round mag for an AR15. Am I just living a sheltered life in Utah where nobody really cares how big it is, magazines…


Oh trust me, 10 rounders exist for AR’s. Sad thing is they’re more expensive than the 30 rounders.
Cracks me up here, seeing the kids trying to be cool with their 10/30 mags, looks like 30 but holds 10. Watching my son train with WPS, I offered my 10 rounders for prone position. My kid responded “30 round monopod for the win!”

Pic, AR 10, AR 15…10 round mags


I bought 4 Hera’s on sale a while back. JIC I’m taking the AR to a socialist state.

Barely sticks out of the mag well.


I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention. I would not have thought of New Mexico as an anti-2A state. People that live in the desert 2 hours from the nearest sheriff’s office need to be able to defend themselves.


It’s the Santa Fe & Albuquerque area that dictates the blue state politics. The rest of the state is mostly red. Don’t live there, but have done business over there for decades & you LEARN stuff.


I Lived there for ten years, Tome a bit south of ALB. I can tell you, in the 90’s Albuquerque was the Wild Wild West.

Ah, your shopping must be real simple.
As for me, I look for the magic words, “CA compliant.”
When I find them, they’re usually next to “MA compliant.

Don’t ask me what’s in those grips :roll_eyes:

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They will be swapping your mags for a bag of throwing rocks. Of course no more than 6 rocks per bag.


Lots of Californians moving to the north of the state is what I hear. They think MLG is doing good with her covid tyranny…

It is my understanding that all bills but the storage law have already been defeated. The numbers I’ve heard on the magazine ban is that 93% of communications were against the ban, and the committee voted 5-0 to table it. I hope my source is right.

Of course, the bill to limit the governor’s emergency powers was defeated out of hand. Republicans REALLY need to take at least one house this next election.