But he's competent enough to hold the NUCLEAR CODES


I am sorry to say FJB has NO IDEA what he say’s and what he does
(and hasn’t for a long time)
Whatever they are giving him is short term and Volatile
When I Volunteered in a Memory Care unit for a friend I’ve seen
They can remember exactly where they use to keep their mad money
in a Mason Jar in a house they haven’t lived in in (40+ years).
They could remember the oddest numbers: kids Socials, license plates etc
but the most basic stuff from the day/week before eludes them and their anger
is off the charts at times. I saw a Wheel chair bound man get out of his chair
because the dosage either changed or his mental state deteriorated and the same meds
that kept him controlled brought out this Anger and strength he hadn’t had in a long time.
Now we could debate just what the Med is that they are giving him till the cows
come home. but suffice it to say he is getting worse and worse where he literally finds it difficult to walk, much less climb stairs, walk past the press reporters (people run blocker for him now
that he doesn’t just decide to take a hard right or left towards the yelling reporters.
He’s a Pathological Liar and his stories are getting more and more bizarre, and God forbid
if the Teleprompters acts up he is a goner (pause)
These debates are a disaster for him. The Dem Convention will be interesting both of which
might be the deciding factor of weather they continue w/ him or he has an accident or fatal Medical emergency. (I’m thinking Medical Incident. RJB: Replace Joe Biden. 'He had an Aneurism or a Stroke
Alert the 'Color Guard, bring up the White Horse w/ the reverse boots in the Stirrups!
Buh Bye Joe the Hero, died w/ his Depends on. They’ll make up a story where he worked till all hours of the night (3pm) slaving over the Border or Israel… Pathetic.
He’s NEVER been a Mensa prodigy or even a ‘Go too guy’ for Brilliant public speaking/Lawmaking. He did just enough to be somebodies Patsy/Wing man. Obama chose him because they knew his weakness ( Money and family). If what they say is true (I heard a couple of days ago on FOX)
Joe is running out of CASH because of Scandals and Hunters addictions and debauchery.
He (JILL) will fight to the last penny to keep number one son out of jail. It’ll be Hunters death if he goes in (which he never will because the alphabets will take him out because he also knows where some bodies are buried (Literally).This Presidency has been a Cover/Sham False Flag from the get.
We KNOW who’s in the Big Chair—and THAT is why we as a Country are dying on the vine.
Just look at FJB on stage… LOST .They pumped him up for the SOTU and Moorehouse College but you give this Turnip too much bug juice and Angry Joe comes out to play now.
IT’S ELDER ABUSE! EVIL and if we make it to November we are looking at a real fight on our hands people. THEY don’t relinquish power easily, It’s Intoxicating and ADDICTIVE! They Worship MONEY and will do anything to keep their seats of power and that includes KILLING ALL OF US.
Just look at History of the Marxist/Socialist in power. They die (usually Violently) because that is the only way they will stop Usurping their Citizenry. When they get assassinated, head lopped off, hung from a lamp post then their reign of terror finally ends.


Well, it makes sense. He has been saying Kamala is the president since he was interred (sic) as president. I could see where obama told him to go to Detroit, so as he could continue running the administration without the moron-in-chief getting in the way. :rofl: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Here’s the thing though. Why? Why Joe? Why do the democrats continue to support, prop up, Joe? At this point it would be too easy for them to say “This Patriot, Joe Biden, spent his life in the service of the American People. After serious contemplation with Jill, Hunter and the dogs he has decided to retire from public service and spend his twilight years with his family, his Vette and remodeling his kitchen that was damaged by a terrible fire…”?


Simple Brother,
BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO ONE ELSE waiting in the wings to step up and Run.
Their (The Dem’s) credibility is shot!
The Republican’s don’t really fair much better honestly except Trump
because the fact of the matter and you can blast me on this is
Donald Trump is NO POLITICIAN, He’s a PATRIOT!
He has enough money for his entire family to live extremely well for the
rest of all their lives.
These people in power now (both sides of the aisle) are GRIFTERS, Thieves and
Drunk w/ Power. Trump has nothing sinister here except righting America’s ship.
Yes I am a Trumper ! I accept this! But why are people following STILL these Criminals?
Just look at what Soros and company are making DA Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan continue
this sham trial to convict Trump of ANYTHING so he can’t run. There is no one but Pudding
even though he is an empty suit. His devisive commencement speech at Morehouse College
made it CLEAR just what these people want ANARCHY! “You are Black and you have to
work 10x’s harder than White folks to get by” Holy shite! The great Divider-in-Thief!

WHY Joe?—Because he is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR ! He will toe the party line till he kicks the bucket
(and probably fall over it afterwards). This country is circling the drain and our enemies are gathering (and already inside the GATES!)

This Shite is starting to get REAL folks, Act Accordingly.





Well said Brother, well said.


Well said. Yes this country is in terrible shape. I doubt we can hold out until November when our real president is back


I think it’s an ego/ power trip thing and their bench of possible replacements suck nearly as badly as he does, My opinion only. Yours may differ.


Welcome to the community Ernest!

“If Biden’s memory is so bad he doesn’t deserve prosecution, then frankly, we should be talking about the 25th Amendment. And if Garland thinks Biden’s memory is fine, then why isn’t he prosecuting Biden and rejecting Hur’s conclusion that Biden shouldn’t be prosecuted? You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Unless you’re a left winger whose chief goal as attorney general is to destroy our Constitution by jailing political opponents and promoting the destruction of our Republic.”- Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch)

Ahh Tom… there you go with the rational thought again…



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What if it’s all an act? :man_shrugging:t4:

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Two things.

  1. That’s why they don’t want an audience for his debate with Trump. The chants of FJB and LGB would be deafening.

  2. Useful Idiot.



DJT will be on Enemy Soil

Demoncrat Moderators, No audience, If FJB gets in trouble
Shut the mikes off, Go to commercial whatever it takes to make
a bowl of Rancid Pudding Palatable.

But Brother Zavier, this is in the hope that FJB shows up at all.
His best chance is to have a disaster to ‘tend to’
‘For the good of the Nation’.
A Black Swan event will do…
Lets see what have they not done in a while
**Toxic Train Wreck?
** Cannibals on Pennsylvania Ave?
** Mass Causality Mall shoot?
** College Useful Idiot Uprising?
OOH OOH OOH (as Horse Shak use to say!(
Maybe an attempt on a rival Political leader dominating in the Poles mayhaps?

Never under estimate the Enemy!


No COMMENT. It would hurt someone’s feelings and most likely be removed.


Like the bill for the “Godfather” with the puppeteers. The deep state needs a puppet, someone who will never exert their own opinions or authority. Bring in someone else who may be a free thinker and you could derail the prescribed agenda. He’s their man, put it on the teleprompter and “pause”!


He would rival the best actors ever seen… or some of the worst. I am not sure what his style would be called… we have slap stick humor and Method acting… his is more visceral and literally sh-tty. :grimacing:


You might be right… remember, “words are violence”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: When directed at the current resident, it would be consteued as an attempted presidental assassination. In their minds, use of lethal force to defend the resident would then be justified. :grimacing:


He doesn’t have the NLC that’s not how it works, he has the ability to start the process however the president needs several others to agree with him before the nukes will go kabloie