Smooth Operator

“Coast-to-coast, L.A. to Chicago, western male.
Across the North and South to Key Largo, love for sale.”

No doubt in my mind this POS pooped in his pants during the debate. Bwahahahahahaha !!! But I digress. It is his wife Jill Biden who is the true POS. Forcing a confused and feeble old man into the spotlight time and again just so she can call herself the “first lady” is plain mean and a sickening comment on the Democratic/Communist Party. This B___ch is gonna get hers in the end. Mark my word.


She had to come and get him after the debate so he didn’t get lost. :roll_eyes:


Had to. They had super glued him to the podium so he couldn’t fall. Acetone anyone?


Democrats are a different breed :imp:


This is the case at every event he goes to. He usually has several people clearly dedicated to catching him if he falls and filling in space when he starts to wander from the group. They are really amusing to watch as they shuffle around beside him ready to leap into action at a moments notice. They are likely getting a lot of practice when the cameras are not running.

This has all been blatantly obvious for the past couple of years and his supporters are just now noticing?

If Biden hadn’t been such a calculating and self enriching kleptocrat for the past several decades I would be feeling sorry for him. All his handlers should be charged with elder abuse.


I hope the entire family does after they kill him off by sucking the remaining life out of him.



I believe that they could give a crap about joe. What they care about is the money that they are raking in. When joe dies fake doctor jill will be able to buy herself a new husband. Even though he is a corrupt POS I still feel sorry for him.


I have no pity for him whatsoever. Do a little research on how he met and ended up with Jill. These people are pond scum.


And still we hear
“President Biden stumbled over his words on occasion BUT Trump Told A Lot Of Lies…”.
I’m hearing/seeing it on national media, I’m hearing/seeing it on local media. Not a single word about Joes alternate realities…


Good description of them. But this is elder abuse. The old guy has no idea what is happening around him, and they keep propping him up for the world to see. Oh, never mind, he’s getting what he bargained for.
I should have used an :yawning_face: after my last post. Feeble attempt at sarcasm.
Wasn’t she the baby sitter? I could be wrong.


Sometime babysitter among other things. Read her Ex’s book about how she got tp where she is and the vendetta Joe lauched against him after the divorce.


Did you see Joe on occasion reach up and block his right ear the write something down immediately afterwards. One instance was really evident. Now was it Jill in the studio prompting him or someone in the ready room watching things on TV?


Yes. Now she has to do it all over again. I wonder if she enjoys changing his depends?


It wouldn’t surprise me if he was wearing an ear piece. But I didn’t see anything conclusive. I remember some people making a big stink about an image from the Bush/Gore debates appearing to show Bush wearing something in his ear.

I’m sure the technology has come a long way since then.

The internet is also full of images of just about every candidate playing with their ear or having something in their ear, supposedly during a debate. Whether or not Biden had one, it sure didn’t seem to help him much. He did a better job reading from the teleprompter at his rally the day after the debate. We have to remember that the vast majority of the time these politicians are just repeating what their speech writers, political strategists and big money backers are telling them to say. It is all political theater.



I could actually care less about his physical abilities. I’d have no problem with a candidate stuck in a hospital bed as long as they had a reasonably sharp mind, were not a total kleptocrat, had a little bit of moral character and had an actual plan that had some chance of solving the major problems we are facing.

Looks like I will have to wait another 4 years for a chance at that. Not sure how many 4 more years this country has left.

Where’s the suggestion box?

I propose American taxpayers shelve Biden’s Secret Service protection detail and opt for a crew from Visiting Angels instead.

Talk about saving money!


Joe doesn’t suffer from polio or a bad back or bad knees or bad hips.

“ Brandon suffers from vascular dementia because he has long had cardiovascular problems,” Lieberman said. “He had a brain bleed years ago from an aneurysm. He had atrial fibrillation.”
Vascular dementia results in problems with reasoning, judgment, memory, and thought processes due to brain damage caused by impaired blood flow. Damage to blood vessels in the brain reduces the brain’s vital supply of oxygen and essential nutrients.

Moral character??? I think his daughter Ashely might disagree with you


Where did I say that Biden had any of the qualities I was hoping for in a leader?

My mother is suffering from the early stages of dementia. It is a tough struggle though she seems to have her act together much more than Biden does.

Just because I don’t like a lot of the things Trump has done and is likely to do again in the future doesn’t mean I like Biden.

Biden is clearly mentally unfit to be President and is a horrible choice to run this country even if he was still in his prime.