BOB dump: water filtration?

Do you have a water-filtration straw for each person in your family, or do you prefer a larger water filter that attaches to a jug or water bottle?

I’ve got water straws and a couple of pump units here and there. Guys would throw them away after a field exercise never having used them and I would snatch them up. I had a well put in at my house shortly after moving in, ostensibly to “water the yard” as the city charges you for every gallon consumed and then “adjusts” the sewage bill to collect on those gallons as used. I installed a cut out system with a hand pump in the case of loss of power. So if the grid goes down as long as nobody dumped something in the drinking water 700 miles north of here about 6 months ago I should be good. I will admit the well water is hard as nails and tastes like them too.




Berkey is good for larger amounts of water. Some othets pn the markets

Both, water is high on the priority list.

Not sure if you already know this or not, but you can filter debris out of water with a Tshirt by letting it leach the water from one container into another one. You roll the shirt, wet it and stick one end in each glass. You will still need to boil the water afterwards as it only gets the debri out and not micro organisms.

This is also a very slow process.

We have a straw in each pack and 2 different larger filtration systems, also have 225 gallons stored for immediate use.


Pretty close to Bruce plus 12 dozen packed away. Plus a hand pumped well.

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