Emergency water filtration system for the home

I want to purchase an emergency water filter, and wanted to see if anyone had answered these questions already. Primarily I would use it

  • if there is no tap water/no electricity. I live in FL, so there is plenty of freshwater from the rain

  • to provide enough water for the whole family for a few weeks (i.e., it is not a personal filter, like Lifestraw)

  • pressurized by muscle, gravity, or electric pump powered by small generator. From what I am hearing pressures from 40-100 psi may be necessary

  • portable or stationary is ok

Should I be looking for an RO system? What are the pros and cons?

Is it possible to have a filtration system that works undersink when all is well, but can perform as emergency filter too?
Would love to hear thoughts from the community.


The big Berkey is great for drinking water.
The cleaner the water you put into it, the longer the filters last. It’s gravity fed and removes the chlorine from tap water easily.


There are numerous ways to purify water manually without electricity.
Boil, bleach, tablets etc. Hurricane season in Florida normally provides plenty of info on post catastrophe survival!


After watching Qualification Level 3 videos on the USCCA Protector Academy, I added one of these:

But really, having water already stored is what you want

Don’t rely on weeks worth of water just falling from the sky, being easily made to be drinkable after falling from that sky in whatever conditions made this a necessary thing to begin with, and you/your family being able to efficiently capture that water in the time it is needed.

Store water at home now.

Aquatainers have proven the test of time. The 7 gallon blue cubes. Do not stack them


I’ve got an msr, katadyn backpack pump action. Had it for about 20 years I think. Ceramic filter. looking at the above post, dang, I should’ve bought 1000 of them as an investment. My katadyn is like the guardian, nothing like the new katadyn, except for the price I paid. Anyways, they’re great, you can bring a couple jugs and go to where the water is.
Shtf is not the time to be getting into reverse osmosis ime. I had a RO set up, it took 35 gallons of good quality tap water to make 1 gallon of RO water, and I’m thinking the high limestone and general lousy quality of FL groundwater would be plugging up the membrane pretty quickly. Just my thoughts, far from gospel.
I’m not worried about water storage, having a pool in the yard, lake, 3 houses away,small reservoir a 5 minute walk away, and a large reservoir a 10 minute bicycle ride away, and feeder streams all over. I’d hit the small reservoir primarily, close and “top of the heap” geographically. …just got to watch out for those water snakes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll wager that old filter lacks some key things this Guardian has, that might get easily overlooked. Effectively filters viruses and can be frozen after being used


Well, you lost that wager. The auto back flushing is different, but you missed that one. Mine, I flip the ceramic and pump.

20 year old Katadyn backpack model filters viruses? What model is it? I have some Katadyn backpacking pumb filters, one is probably 15 years old, but they don’t

Not blowing you off, but my ocd kicked in, and after a near two hour search…I seem to have lost it. Long story…10 rooms, 2 sheds, 27 years, and a cancelled move last year. Pretty sure I could fill a tri-axle with stuff we wouldn’t miss…but this bothers me. I always left that filter on a shelf, either family room, then one room over to the workout/camping stuff room when the house got shown…
Fwiw, looks like the one linked above, pump handle, two tubes, no attachable container though. Has a float on the inlet tube so you could draw from a desired depth. Hoping I find it tomorrow but I sweat my nards off looking for it tonight.
Looking into buying a second home now…so we have space for more…stuff🙄


Okay, I’m old in the brain in some ways, and a kid in others…just found out I had (have but lost?) a Katadyn Vario, but only 10 years ago. Glad it was just a keyboard wager :wink:… anyways, figure if I order a new one I’ll find the old one, Smurphys law or something like that.


Good filter, but not rated for viruses. :wink:

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Gravity systems are simple and cheap. A filter and a couple of food grade plastic 5 gallon buckets. Several videos on utube. Don’t forget your water heater in an emergency. 40-50 gallons right there. Amazon has it all. Don’t forget the toilet. 5 gallon buckets to the rescue with cat liter or sawdust.


speaking of gravity systems…and portable as well. Losing my katadyn had me looking online. I found this site, ended up buying the Epic Nano and a couple extra filters. Pretty inexpensive, filters viruses, and WFG will get you 20% off…but there’s other good choices as well.