Bottled water melt down?

.Maybe I’m missing something.Why are people fighting over bottled water?Have the water plants shutdown?The water supply infected?


People are panicking, and then panic-buying what looks low on the shelf. That kind of behavior feeds on itself.


I am wondering why they started from #6? :thinking: :wink: :joy:


  1. Look for a warning sign
  2. Have a plan
  3. Find best method of escape
  4. Grab your gear
  5. Pack you backpack
    6. Collect a water
  6. Store the food
  7. Have cloths
  8. Have weapon

This discussion is happening on all kinds of forums the world over, including my nextdoor forum. If you’re willing to drive all over town and touch gods knows what to find inferior bottled water instead of that which comes from your tap (and is nearly free), you deserve whatever you get. These people do not sound like planners of even the most basic kind. Wasn’t it a comedian that said, “you can’t fix stupid.” At least the videos of these folks are entertaining to view.


Exactly right. The only good thing about stupid is to be able to sit back and laugh at 'em. (Ya’ll please forgive my VERY low stupid tolerance).


We bought one case of H2O, because we know this time of year, Rend Lake “turns over.” When it does, the water tastes and smells bad for a few days. We also, know that if there is a breakdown of society (I know) that water is essential. Otherwise, we bought our normal 2 weeks of groceries. Yes, we have other non-perishable items on hand.


Because they didn’t do either #1 or #2.


I went to buy distilled water for my CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. It’s nowhere to be found. I have enough to get me through the week and a bit into next. This really bothers me. People have no idea they even bought distilled water! They just panic buy.
Meanwhile those of us that need it for medical devices are SOL short term.


Yeah… They even bought all Isopropyl Alcohol 50% which doesn’t work for Covid-19 at all… :zipper_mouth_face:


You can bet they will be panicking if they drink DI (Distilled) water. That does a number on your insides and will suck the natural minerals out of your body as well as create all kinds of weird chemical imbalances.




I dont drink or buy bottled water,instead I bought a large Berkley water filter and we use the water to drink and cook with The water has a sweet taste to it,it is amazing that the tap water we use in it tastes completely Different,even bottled water does not taste as good.


People don’t realize that drinking water stocked in plastic (PET) bottles is a slow killing procedure.
There is just simplest source of water - faucet. Then run it through good filter and you have the best, clearest water you can have.
And also cheap. Fridge filter (really good) costs +/- $30 and lasts for 6 - 9 months :slightly_smiling_face:

I have R/O (reverse osmosis) water in my fridge, It’s awesome!

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