These days our country is being overrun by Illegals and an out of control Democrats trying to disarm us and make us unable to protect ourselves we can not let that happen once they take the 2nd Amendment the rest will be gone. We have to get out and vote I you don’t you can’t complain and we will become a socialist country and it won’t be AMERICA anymore

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Voting is one of our most fundamental and important rights, especially with the current state of affairs.


I couldn’t agree more. and if WE THE PEOPLE want a change in our government then WE THE PEOPLE are the ones to do it. and that is to get out AND VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE.And in 2020 we have a VERY GOOD CHANCE TO START. And to SEND A VERY CLEAR MESSAGE TO THE DEMOCRATS THAT WE THE PEOPLE DON’T LIKE THEIR POLICIES. AND WE FIRED THEM BECAUSE OF THEIR TERRIBLE JOB AND NOT DOING WHAT WE ELECTED THEM TO DO FOR WE THE PEOPLE. So make sure to get out and vote them out of office in 2020.

Please remember to limit who you are talking about to the exact group. Democratic party vs anyone who votes Democratic because of other issues being their important voting point.

And name calling doesn’t do anything to change someone’s mind in the way you want it too. If someone’s on the fence and they see name calling, you very well have pushed them away from your viewpoint because of the name calling.

I know this is a very supercharged topic, but keeping the discussion respectful and factual will help you take the high road - which is a better reflection of responsibly armed Americans.