Black bear attack

This is crazy. Just another reason to stay strapped and one by/on the night stand.


Bear attacks are incredibly rare. But cases of bears breaking into houses are more common in some areas. It usually happens when bears start associating peoples homes with food. Often because someone thinks it will be nice to intentionally feed the bears. But also can happen when bears get regular access to pet food or bird feeders.

Once bears get habituated to people it far more often ends up in a dead bear than a dead person. Sounds like this bear should have been taken care of quite awhile before it had a chance to break into this home.


This the second incident, not necessarily an attack, where a bear was in a housing community looking for food. Remember lasting year the bear walking the wall, most likely looking for prey, when the woman came out and pushed it off the wall.

I don’t think some wildlife is as scared of us as they used to be.


A good part of that is human development pushing further and further into formerly wild areas. When we build in more and more wild areas we should expect more encounters with wildlife. But the lack of fear more often than not comes from associating human habitations with sources of food. If you live in a city and don’t properly take care of your trash you get rats. Do that in the forest and you are more likely to get bears.

But even in remote areas people are far more likely to have problems with two legged predators than they are with four legged animals.

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