Bill requiring eligible citizens to vote in elections introduced to Congress

I hope this bill dies a quiet death in a dark corner.


I hope it dies a loud, public death.

I’ve heard about this idea for decades, and I guess I understand why some people believe it’s a good idea. But it takes us down a weird path. We have protected rights, but we don’t have mandatory rights. There’s no penalty for people who don’t voice their opinion, practice religion, or own firearms. If the government could fine people who refuse to vote, then by the same logic they should be able to fine people who don’t sign petitions.

And on the specific topic of voting, there are plenty of people who either 1) don’t know enough about the candidates and issues to make an informed vote, or 2) know plenty about the candidates and refuse to vote for any of them. These people should be allowed to abstain.

As I’ve said for years, we don’t need more voters. We need informed voters. Quality over quantity.


Same difference, I agree. :us:


The bill is H.R. 7536; you can read the bill and track its progress at

As of 4/21/2022 it has been introduced and referred to the House Committee on House Administration on 4/18/22. It has no co-sponsors, yet. Personally, I would not bother my Representative on this one until it actually gets a hearing and pending vote in committee.



Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me! Placing a fine of $20.00?
Why don’t we fine non US citizens/illegals for voting and just let our Democracy play out fairly! You register, you show proof, you vote, we last another 200 years.
You cheat ,we revolt, we start over, we vote (fairly)…rinse and repeat!

At first glance, sounded, ok? If you consider what might ensue when millions of illegals send in their mail in ballots! I would want every eligible AMERICAN to vote also!
I wouldn’t worry, we are going to lose anyway! They’ve been planning this for generations! They have the foothold that we gave them!


The bill’s text allows Americans to get around the penalty if they are not registered to vote, are unable to vote because of an emergency, cannot follow the terms of the act because of religious beliefs, or if they are unaware of their eligibility to vote.

If a person fails to pay the $20 penalty, they will face no additional penalty or any denial of government benefits, according to the bill’s text.

The bill is completely worthless, anyway. There are 4 easy ways to get out of the fine, and there is no penalty if you refuse to pay the fine.

It sounds to me like someone is just trying to crack open the door to compulsory voting. It will be tough to challenge this law because it’s so easy to avoid damages. But once the law is accepted, they can start adding real penalties.

I’m opposed either way. It seems elected officials never run out of bad ideas.


This an excuse for all mail-in ballots. Nothing more.


Sounds to me like another way to TAX us without calling it a TAX. By that I mean when they can’t raise enough money on the non voter will they try and come for the voter. You know the old saying I’m from the government and I only want to help.


Your right to vote is just a important as your right to not vote. Less government grift please.


Ya’d think after 230 years, we’d have enough steenkin’ laws. Put these idiots on welfare; at least then they wouldn’t cost as much to be a waste of oxygen.


If they can mandate you exercise your right to vote, they better start issuing weapons so that everyone is exercising their right to bear arms.


Consider an imaginary scenario, where the US gets 30 million more eligible voters overnight. What will this bill do?
Context, context.

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This is interesting. Voting is a right, not a mandatory act. I’ve never believed that people should be forced to vote. I just think that they waive their right to complain if they do not vote.


You’re in good company, I’ve heard this a lot.
But I figure I’ve earned my right to voice my opinion without having to pick a politician.


… or 81 million? Yes, it is an actual nightmare.

Wow!!!what a brilliant idea.NOT!!! It’s your right to vote, use it, stay informed . Choose not to vote? Then shut the hell up👌