Best red dot for my Echelon

Preferences set ups for Springfield Echelon ?

“Best” is a highly subjective term, BUT, if money is no object, Aimpoint Acro. Thoroughly tested by folks I trust that are not gentle on their gear, basically bombproof and being adopted by quite a few elite military units. I know of a few that have survived VERY harsh, HARD USE real world combat environment without any glitches.

I’m VERY happy with my Holosun EPS on y EDC Glock 48, but when I pull the trigger on setting up my Wilson Combat with an RDS it’ll be the Aimpoint.


Best at what?

Thank you!

That is always something that shooters must figure out. Color, MOA size, windows size. Each of us has own preferences.

There is only one thing that you should take under consideration.
Echelon optic mounting system allows direct mount of Trijicon RMR, Shield or Delta Point Pro optics and all other using those footprints.
Anything else requires additional plate (Aimpoint ACRO as well) … meaning the offset between bore and dot is bigger.

If you don’t care about it… go with anything you like, there is no a special or best red dot for Echelon… it is only the best that works for you, as an operator.


Thank you

For me, a key feature is the shake awake function, followed closely by a battery accessible from the top (my preference) or side (never the bottom). I also prefer a direct mount - no intermediate adapter plate. If possible get backup mounting screws when you buy.


Trijicon or Holosun

One of those.

When one of those direct mounts and the other requires a plate, do the direct option


I don’t believe the Echelon needs any adapter plates.

From their website:

“By utilizing a set of movable pins, the Variable Interface System on the Echelon achieves a low, direct mount optics solution for improved sight picture and intuitive alignment.”

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also from their website:

However, Springfield offers plate systems for the Aimpoint ACRO and Docter footprints, which require a larger foorprint area. This was done to allow for the widest range of options for the pistol.

Direct mount accepts 30 or so different optics… but these must fit one of 3 footprints:

  • RMR
  • Shield
  • DeltaPoint Pro

Anything that do not use any of those footprints must use plates (offered by Springfield).

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Ahhhhhh, gotcha.

Oooooor go to a gunsmith that will mill the slide for the specific RDS, an option I much more prefer and it’s very cost effective.

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I found original COMPATIBILITY LIST. :metal:

There are 3 PINSETS that allow direct mount:

Whatever is not on the list requires plate.


Plates for Echelon, offered by Springfield:



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Not dissing anyone with a red dot but I found the Holo Sun that came with my TP9 too disruptive and uncomfortable for every day use. Just trying to aim and find the dot made me feel like I would be extremely low and therefore unsafe. I stuck to the iron sights which are good and easy to use.

Your mileage may vary.

PS: I also don’t want to buy any cow that might get accidentally shot.

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Yeah… That is the main issue running red dot. It took me a long time to get use to it, even changing my shooting stance… but sometimes if this doesn’t work… irons are still great !


I like and value your sincerity. If something doesn’t work… no reason to push yourself to be up-to-date with gadget-mania. :wink:

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I used to hang glide. One of the cardinal rules you learn is: if you don’t feel safe or comfortable doing it, don’t do it. It’s better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than in the air wishing you were on the ground. I’ve been in that situation a couple times. It’s not fun.

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Then you need train. More. A lot more.

If you can’t draw and present to where you can see the dot, you can’t draw and present to where you can see the iron sights either.

If you can bring the gun up to where the iron sights are there, the red dot is also there.

If it helps, next time you train, shoot a red dot and think about pointing your support hand thumb towards the target.

Or just practice until you can draw and present, eyes closed, and when you open your eyes the sights are aligned…doing the same with a red dot, the red dot will be there

Or think of it this way, bring the gun up so the irons that are on the gun are on target…and the dot will also be on the target, right there on top of the front sight if you brought it up correctly. Except the dot gives you a wider margin of error for head placement, has 1 focal plane vs 3 focal planes, and doesn’t physically block the target the way the front sight physically blocks seeing the target


Or I can take the red dot sight off, use the iron sights which I am very good at using. As Jerzy said there is no need for gadget mania. If you worked through the problems I encountered and are accurate, god bless you. I feel safer using the iron sights. If you look at the target I recently posted in “when was the last time you were at the range “ you will see spots where I put multiple spots where they are almost on top of the original shot. A little more practice and you won’t see any rounds very far from the red center mass or the red on the head target.

I have other body issues where adding a red dot only complicates the issue. As the old saying goes: KISS.

You could. But if you are very good at using irons, when you align the irons, the dot will also be there.

Even if you don’t use the dot, it’s redundancy that makes your firearm more reliable (but you’ll also start using it and realize all the ways in which it is better :wink: )

You can use the iron sights 100% of the time even with a red dot on there.

Just sayin