Best red dot for my Echelon

Mine doesn’t co-witness with the irons. Not even in the picture frame.

What is your setup? They should be. And if both are zero’d, when your irons are on, your red dot should be on the front sight.

Your red dot must be mounted incredibly high off the top of the slide if you can’t see the dot while the irons are aligned

Even it’s a good discussion, it should be moved out from “ECHELON” tread and posted here:

@William191 , we might be able to help you out to start using red dot again… but please start asking questions in proper thread.

My initial posting was to bring up the possibility that a red dot might not be the best option. Meaning he shouldn’t jump to “I need a red dot “ hastily.

I won’t comment on the subsequent conversation.

PS: I’m very happy with using the irons and don’t want to change and don’t see the point of anything past my original post.

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That’s fair, but, just saying, there is something off with your setup if you can’t see the red dot at all when you have your iron sights aligned…so you may not have been able to try a red dot as it is supposed to be just yet

But that’s not what he asked about. His question was about the best red dot for his gun. Not SHOULD I get a red dot on my gun so I don’t quite under the left turn here.

Then again, maybe that’s just me. I like when folks get the actual info they ask.

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Correct but I also think he should be aware that there is a possible downside of a red dot. Not stopping him only wanting to make him aware b4 he drops $250 or more on a red dot. Especially in this stagflation our economy is currently experiencing.