Beretta APX A1 Carry

Okay all, there was a crazy deal over at Palmetto State Armory a few weeks ago on the Baretta APX A1 Carry. $229 and a $50 rebate, making it $179 (plus tax, shipping and FFL transfer fee…still a really good price). I have been in the market for a smaller “micro” type pistol but just never pulled the trigger on one. Went out to a Bass Pro Shops and they had one in stock. So I at least got to hold one in my hand. It surprisingly fit well in my very large hands. That was good enough for me. Went back home and made the order. I still need to get it to the range in but some rounds on target (I have a 2 and half year old that I affectionately label “Danger Baby” so that should tell you a little bit about my life right now).

Just curious if anyone else has an APX A1 Carry and what you like or don’t like about it.

Thanks in advance…



Shot it and loved it.
You made a deal of your life getting APX for this price.
I recommend to buy at least 1000 rds, because once you start shooting you will not want to stop. :v:

It’s a very decent striker fired pistol. Perhaps not so great as VP9 or PPQ or PDP, but I will put it above average polymer pistol.


Thanks! Yeah I am just trying to find the time to get to the range right now. So far in my limited use the only thing I think isn’t great about it is the long trigger pull. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Also…I wish it had even just a small accessory rail on it. Not so much for accessories, but I have a Mantis X that I use for dry fire drills and would love to use it for my APX A1 Carry.


You will get used to this trigger. It’s still not so bad.
I’m guessing the huge trigger guard and short barrel caused lack of the rail.
If you want to use MantisX, try their MagRail, I think it should work with this pistol.
Good luck and congrats :muscle:

BTW. Does it have slide cut for optics?


Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, you can get different optics plates for the pistol. Supposedly they send you one of your choice for free when you register for warranty.