Beretta APX

Any APX owners out there? Found an APX RDO and the deal was to good to pass up. If there are any out there I’m looking for holster help!

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This is a nice pistol ! Great choice. I do not use holster for it (mostly it sits in the box), but check Beretta’s website, they have few holsters for APX Family.

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Although I didn’t see anything on Galco or Vedder, Desantis lists a few models for the APX. I’m currently waiting for a holster from Kramer Leather for my Kahr, but I really like the one they made for my S&W 66. Their prices are good for the quality and firearm selection, but the downside is that there’s usually a 4-8 week wait for the product.

As Jerzy mentioned, Beretta has a number of holsters listed on their website. I don’t know if you’ll have the same problem I had, but if you click to filter the APX holsters it brings up an error, so I had to browse through their entire line and look for APX in the description.

Midway USA has a holster finder on their website. It is at the very bottom of the home page in the Knowledge Center menu. Very easy to use.