Bank of America

Has anyone heard about Bank of America turning over personal info to the Feds on request? I mean with no warrant as I understood

If we had a press BofA would be ruined.
And if we had a Congress there would be a commission investigating illegal “fishing expedition” by the feds.

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There are many legal ways by which certain federal agencies can “request” information from banks, and there are circumstances when banks are required to report transactions. I’m not going to pretend to know what they all are, but they’ve existed for years, especially after 2001 (Patriot Act) and 2010 (Dodd-Frank). And if your response is to use cash, just know that institutions in the United States are also required to report large cash transactions.

Perhaps this is one reason why virtual currency and cryptocurrencies have become so popular.



It appears that BoA doing it was leaked, and when asked about it BoA declined to comment. I do not think they have admitted it.

Tucker Carlson /Fox News apparently broke the story

None says that the banks should not cooperate with the FBI. The issue I have here, is feds asking such a broad question. Fishing expeditions are illegal, period. But who is going to push back?

Oh, and BofA is a woke institution for other incidents, I will never give them a penny.

Me either

I agree with you Alexander8. At the same point, makes me wonder if any other banks or institutions as such, are in the same boat as BofA. I’m sure no one is gonna come out say, why yes of course we gave your information.

We dont know. What we do know, and I’d like to thank the woke left for this helpful site rating banks, is which financial institutions are anti-2A. You can assume they are anti-4A as well.


I will cancel my card after the last payment. I think law enforcement normally needs the subpoena to get that info.

I’m so sick of politics at the grocery store. If I want to buy butter, eggs, or TP, I don’t want to know which party the cows, chickens, or sphincters support. And this goes to activists on the right and the left, I’m tired of being told who I’m supposed to do business with. The politicization of every blessed thing under the sun (to now include viruses) is ruining us.

I don’t want my bank to be pro-2A or anti-2A. I want them to keep my money and my business safe, and offer me a good interest rate. Same for my cell phone, my car, my grocery store, etc. How do we get off this crazy train that politics is pushing off the rails?


I agree with you guys I disgusted also



Forget politics. A bank cannot be Red and Capitalist at the same time, your money is at a higher risk with anyone from the list I cited, who is not graded F and condemned by the comrades. This makes it really simple, doesn’t it.


B of A has been Anti-2A for years.

I still can’t fathom why persons who support the second amendment are still doing business with B of A. CitiBank is also Anti-2A.

One of the few that has, in recent years, stood up against the 2A bashing was Wells Fargo. When a large teachers union stated that they would recommend that their members go elsewhere for home loans if they didn’t drop any and all business that were involved in the firearms industry, Wells Fargo told them to do so, They would not dictate what business or industry you are involved in as long as you were doing so legally.

Before you open an account, you should check to see what that financial institutions stand is.

In fact, you should do so with most business you do business with. How many of you are still wearing Levi’s? They are very anti gun and support the anti gun lobbyists.

Do your research.


I would agree. No Levis here. No support for any company that is anti any of our rights. I wonder if the anti 2A companies really realize the scope and number of the customers they loose. Time for a little coffee and some range time… Have a great 2A day!!!

I don’t think it’s a much as we wish.

Cash is King, and often comes with a discount.

NRA-ILA | Report: Bank of America Turned “Weapons-Related” Purchase Data Over to the Feds

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I’ve seen multiple cases where citizens carrying large amounts of cash had their money confiscated. The presumption was that no one would carry large amounts of cash unless they were up to no good. Be on the look out for this if you ever pay for a hotel room or make some other large purchase with cash. You’re certainly not violating any laws, but you can still get hemmed up.


Anyone ever heard that all money out here has Cocain residue on it

Is it just a Wives tail or true