ATF up to their games again

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While the atrocity is notwithstanding, the question is whether for our purposes something like this is worth all of the headache that comes with it? Exercise the trigger finger through practice and be done with it. At some point this kinda becomes more about money than about freedom or the second amendment.


To me this falls under the give them an inch and they will take a yard. Unless these triggers are something that will endanger more people because it is easy to get out of control when used to save lives in defense of innocent people.:v:Just saying because I never used one. I don’t think it should be about whether this is a machine gun or not. If the ATF truly cared about the American people they would do what is in our best interest. Let us have the tools we need to stop violent criminals with guns. Then help us get the training we need to accomplish it. Then we would have accomplished reducing gun violence.

I can maintain a pretty fast tempo but honestly why. I’m against the ATF on this as it is the “slow boil” infringement.


At the risk of opening a door, and I know you’re coming for me @Zavier_D, but I’m going to do it anyway, lol. Sometimes we do more damage to ourselves, by exploiting cracks. Give a mouse a cookie and it will want a glass of milk. Now, I’ve never heard of this particular trigger, but we’ve gone from bumpstocks/slidefire, to echo triggers, to Glock switches, and now wide-open triggers, and who’s heard of them except, for the most part, people that shouldn’t have them? What happened to practice making the improvement? And what law-abiding citizen would use anything resembling an automatic or quasi-automatic weapon to defend themselves? Now, that’s my rant, and I feel you coming, Zavier_D; I hear your foot stomps, lol.

Now, conversely, the ATF is running off its rails. They’ve become the government’s rabid Pitbull-terrier, without restraint it appears. But this is where we are, and it doesn’t help when opportunists try to do something that will increase or promote a potentially more dangerous or reckless situation under the guise of the rkba! It’s more about the system of free enterprise being housed or attempting to hide behind the rkba, which really hurts the law-abiding gun owner. Because at the end of the day it’s the law-abiding gun owner that is being impacted and will have to bear the brunt of further burdening outcomes (or infringements).

Also, I agree that it’s a slow boil, but why add fuel to fire to speed up the boil? Furthermore, I don’t believe for one minute that there were no paper records or that the electronic records were shredded. Govt forensics are not that efficient. Or, the recordholders had really poor hardware/software security apps. You also know that people sing like birds when the heat is put under them.- for a deal.


Oh no. I agree with you :100: percent. No foot stomping. Alot of the problems we are having are self inflicted. For me it’s about taking a criminals behaviour and then painting legal gun owners with that same brush. That’s what I have issue with an infringement is an infringement. I am a Constitutional Absolutist. Period.


No argument from me here!

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Heck, even the Marines asked for the option of a three-round burst rather than full automatic selection for the M16A2…



:bell:ding, :bell:ding, :bell:ding


I have no interest in these triggers though they do sound like a better idea than binary triggers that I definitely have no interest in. But people wouldn’t have to waist time exploiting cracks if the anti self defense folks weren’t so busy trying to ban firearms feature by feature and piece by piece.

The fact that most of their bans can be so easily gotten around with subtle changes in design shows that their restrictions are not based on sound reasoning and are clearly just part of their slow motion movement to eventually ban the ownership of all firearms useful for self defense.

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I can see your point of view.

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I have to add that smokin’ dope is a lot like drinkin’ hootch. In your own Castle, I DON’T CARE What you choose to do. If you choose to do (I mentioned this before) the dress , wearing a wig, clomping around in high heels routine while toting an AK47 in your living room that’s YOUR business…you get in a car high or drunk and we would have another conversation. But the feebie’s should have NO SAY if the PoTG decides to do (substances) and own a firearm. It’s NOTB!
Personally, the hardest I drink is Diet Coke (I just like it)…I don’t mix firearms with any substance because of my Job and testing. It’s just not safe for me. And that’s my choice too!
I just LOVE being clear-headed all the time.


Run around in our underwear and tickle each other?:ghost:


“Run around in our underwear and tickle each other?:joy::joy::joy::joy:”

Um, not with me brother but it’s a free country (for now) I’m sure you can find someone that’s up for that these days easily…:rofl: (Thanks for the laugh this morning, I needed that!)


Or run through the house in your birthday suit hollering, Nature Boy! That’s your Bees Wax! But when it gets outside of your house then you make it other people’s bees wax. That’s just society.