Breaking: ATF moving on FRT and WOT triggers (Leaked internal ATF email)

BREAKING: ATF is about to launch an assault on triggers it considers machine guns. According to internal ATF emails obtained by GOA, they just gave their field agents the green light to demand Rare Breed’s Forced Reset Triggers and BDU’s Wide Open Triggers be turned over.

According to the leaked email the ATF is going to move on anyone in possession of these triggers, which the ATF has classified as “machine guns”, asking for voluntary surrender of the items and seizure confiscation if not voluntary. In other words, “hand them over or we are taking them”. They are also asking for documents which, if previous ATF overstep is repeated, will include sales receipts for anyone who purchased one. Which may mean someday real soon ATF will be knocking on doors.

I am not familiar with BDU’s Wide Open Triggers (WOT), but Rare Breed’s Forced Reset Triggers (FRT) was served with ATF Cease & Desist a few months ago. Rare Breed immediately sued because their trigger is absolutely not a machine gun by any objective measure, and that case is currently winding it’s way through the courts. ATF has chosen to seize all of these triggers anyway.

GOA’s original video (others are hosting copies of the video as well since it is a likely candidate to be taken down by Youtube)

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It is a shame that ATF can’t do something of value. This is so sad and so representative of a lot of our government these days.


Strange how they can change definitions of parts.


Absolutely not surprised


Seems like different bureaucracies have been redefining a lot of terms, lately.

My question is: how do they know who has these triggers? Is there a… list???


The ATF has become something like Victor Frankenstein’s monster.


Sadly they’ll have addresses and card numbers.

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Waiting for rifling to be labeled machine gun


Sit tight, could be bs

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I was thinking stapler.



All firearms are machines, so therefore we will consider them all to be machine guns.
Probably goes for bows, as well.


But wait, there’s more. Just watched Reno May mention that Matt Hoover (crs firearms on YouTube) got arrested for selling some zero percent machine guns. The “auto key card” which is a diagram on a piece of sheet metal is now considered a machine gun by the…as Biden would call them, the AFT…

Matt’s channel

Weird, don’t have these triggers or pictures on any sheet metal, but woke up this morning feeling like this country has turned to crap, freedom wise. Thank God for walks with hawks.
It’d be nice if the AFT could approve my darn suppressors before I die and my kid gets them :grinning:, or I lose what’s left of my hearing.

Edit, looks like Matt got arrested for being sponsored by the auto key card guy, who has been imprisoned for several months now iirc, for printing a design on sheet metal, something the atf labels a machine gun.


Similar to how they track firearms…

Manufacturer may sell direct, ATF will collect those sales records from manufacturer (ATF did this with Polymer80 already).

Manufacturer will sell to a distributor or retailer in bulk. ATF will then go to those distributors/retailers and get sales records form them.

I don’t recall a specific example (maybe Polymer80 fiasco?), but I believe there have been instances where gubment has asked credit card or banks for lists of customers who bought from XYZ retailer and they can get your name that way too.

If ATF shows up on a citizen’s doorstep, if you sold it… you better know who you sold it to.

The only way around it would be if you bought it cash from a retailer, and that retailer didn’t track your name or anything.

The broader issue, is of course once they get your name on any list, they just keep compiling names. They will eventually, if not already, know who every gun owner in america is just by what accessories they buy.


Right, and sorry if my cynicism is off-kilter. But for decades I’ve heard all this resistance to a national registry of firearms. I’m opposed, but I also recognize that it basically exists, already. I’m not saying ATF knows how much ammunition I have in my safe, but if some agency suddenly declared that all rifles had to be destroyed because of COVID-19 (or something like that), I’d get a knock on my door from someone who had a list of my rifles.


Let them show that they can track firearms by tracking the stolen and illegal ones first. Then we’ll talk.


Ironic. I saw these threads yesterday just after seeing a piece from SHOT show where a Glock was modified with such a trigger and companion slide with selector switch. The demo weapon was a prototype. Based on ATF’s latest shenanigan, I suspect they will suspend plans to go into production. Also suspect it will take years for GOA and allies to mount a successful court challenge.

They do, back to us who had them stolen.

Which is so wrong about these agencies doing what they are doing. They should be required to prove what they are trying to do is Constitutional before attacking us.

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Speak for yourself. I don’t want any part of that.

You prefer these agencies to tell you what you are “allowed” to own, etc.?