ATF Registry?

Surprised this isn’t being actively discussed. Not surprised it is happening. I always thought it was unlikely they didn’t have records since so much paperwork has to be filled out when purchasing a gun.

I must admit, keeping up with political aspect of all of this is frustrating and tiring.


At some point it’s going to become painful! What could possibly go wrong at the hands of a Judenrat!
Now we know how Al Capone felt! The government is going to create nasty black markets with underground railways and secret internet back alleys. It wouldn’t surprise me if gas chambers aren’t being built!
If that’s how they want us to score our guns, I’m good. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows another guy down at the southern part of the US, where everything is legally smuggled into the US, might even be able to have it delivered to your favorite state, imagine that, no 4473 to fill out, no waiting on NICS. No extemporaneous fees, sounds like they might make things easier for us!
I’ll bet it’s a lot easier to find ammo on the black market today! I hear it ain’t taxed either!
Let’s face it, laws and the Constitution don’t exist. Like everything else, this won’t get fixed. As soon as we try, oh look squirrel! That’s SOP for this “administration”. Squirrel.
However, it goes to show, we are at least a billion strong!


This is what happens when the Government doesn’t trust the people.


“what’s really going to bake your noodle later on”, is what happens when the people don’t trust their government?


I don’t think they do now.


In our current state, the vase never gets fixed! I’m going to need a cookie!


what’s really going to bake your noodle later on”, is what happens when the people don’t trust their government?

I never did trust the government and since I served, I do not think I ever will.


Your comment reminded me of Genesis’ song Illegal Alien.

I got a cousin and she got a friend,
Who thought that her aunt knew a man who could help
At his apartment I knocked on the door,
He wouldn’t come out until he got paid.
Now don’t tell anybody what I wanna do
If they find out you know that they’ll never let me through


Back in the days when the ATF didn’t know we existed.


perhaps it would be more accurate to say???

back in the days when the ATF followed the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Law, and our legal system???


Was that the first day they were organized? Based on history, I can’t recall them ever abiding by our Constitution, including our Bill of Rights.


Exaaaaactly…I feel like this made me even more awake.


saw this today thought it might be worth a look… ugh… have look if ya care to…


I couldn’t have said that better!


Anytime a post goes political its straight :wastebasket:, wether republican, democrat or independent the average politician like so many American citizens can’t be trusted. Because ego, money and power dismisses common sense, decency and respect for others who may disagree with their views, values and or way of life. IJS


Very curious about the numbers. 1 Billion Transactions? Wow, for the last few years it has been estimated that there are 300 to 400 million guns held by US Citizens… Food for thought.

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Never have.

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**Governments haven’t trusted free people in decades. The 50’s were about the last of being able to buy a hunting rifle from Sears, or a hand gun from the local gun shop, pay for it and leave. **
Notice the criminals have no problems, add to that the deliberate weakening of the criminal justice system, “liberal” judges who turn loose career criminals time after time…there is no accident in what’s going on in the last free, and only Constitutional Republic to ever exist.
During the contrived “pandemic” citizens were locked in their homes as VIOLENT CRIMINALS were “turned loose” so they wouldn’t get covid!
Law abiding free American citizens are a threat to the ever increasing power of our budding dictatorial government.
The last sentence of Scott 52 is “a billion strong” but every one of those billion strong must ask themselves a very serious, and possibly deadly question…how many are willing to stand against the government? Indeed if ALL would, it might make a difference…and God bless and Amen to the Canadian truckers!
There is also a frightening history that this generation has no clue about: '94, Waco Texas; almost 86 men, women and children were harassed and mentally tortured for 51 days…by the military, FBI, ATF and law enforcement. At the end of those 51 days military helo’s fired incendiary devices into the roof of the building where these folks lived. Tanks smashed in the walls while women and children huddled terrified in the basement. CS gas, banned by the Geneva Conventions as “to cruel for warfare”, was inserted into the building! They were, with few exceptions, burned to death, inside and out.
William Jefferson Clinton was the president at the time…a far left democrat. A sitting supposedly, American “president”.


Arizona does not submit anything to the ATF or even keep track in the state who buys whatever. If you have a CCW and go to purchase a weapon, the NIC form is filled out with the store taking a copy of your drivers license and CCW and collecting the cash. Sale is final. You walk out in 10 minutes.


As I sit on my lanai with my coffee, listening to the water sprinklers and birds chirping I’m just waiting for the sound of tanks of those who will just be following orders.
However I have the suspicion that this administration is to cowardly to approach it like that. They will do it the way they have been doing it, from their bunkers, behind computers, with propaganda and a switch that turns off all those that got vaccinated and the banking system. They won’t need gas and tanks, they have the media! That’s the tip of their spear!

The moment we run from our homes to acquire water and food, all the prisoners and government financed druggies will be waiting outside your front door!

If you think about it, it will be easier to battle the zombies and ex prisoners than our military. I don’t think we can hang on for the next election. They are already rigging it! The fix is in.

My parents couldn’t envision a more exciting retirement for me. Most moved to Florida with a beach chair, I should move to Montana with a .50 caliber and a few thousand friends!
None of us are going down without a fight, but we are going down alone!

If you think about what makes the government run, this CAN be fixed! The truckers are our tanks and the tip of the spear, if there’s no follow through we should all just get on our knees and… bet you thought I was gonna say pray!!!, aim for where it hurts the most! As every detective in the world knows, to solve the crime, “follow the money”!