Armed robbery suspects shot by armed victim

Video in the article. Tactical analysis?


Thanks for sharing.

Always risky drawing when someone has the drop on you let alone two people. The victim’s draw did not seem that well disguised or fast but the suspects didn’t seem ready for any resistance so he got lucky here. I would have moved more to the left to get my friends out of the line of fire and likely tossed them my wallet to try and create a larger opening for me to flee or engage.

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The victim did not move off the “X”, unlike his female companions. He seemed alert to the perps from the moment their car showed up. I am not sure I would do better in his situation


He violated one of my rules: don’t draw on a drawn gun.

Good for him! :+1:t3::+1:t3:

I surely learned something today.


That was a great response. I would advise that people carry with one in the chamber for those times that you have other objects in your hand. You may not always have time to rack that first round.



And safety off?

My everyday carry is a Glock 30, so there is no manual safety to worry about. It took me a while to get used to carrying without a safety when I first got into guns, but then I started getting the training and education that gave me the ah-ha moments on the truths about how safe guns really are.