Philadelphia SD


According to the article if no other details come forward it seems like a good shoot. More details will emerge when they find this woman.


As always…my question is… Where did the other 7 bullets go? :thinking:

The article hits the problem - we need more armed citizens to defend ourselves from violent criminals who don’t care…


According to the article at least some of them went into the getaway car that was found several blocks away. If the getaway driver also happened to get hit that might lead to some interesting legal questions.


The balance between protecting individual rights and ensuring public safety remains a delicate one.

There is only one right to balance. 2A @Jerzees has the answer.
Our 2nd Amendment right insures public safety.


The problem is ‘Mussel discipline’ 3 outta 10 hit their target…
more range time for you my man!

Just kidding, Good job brother ! save us a revolving door pre-release, NO bail,’ he’s just a good boy, played clarinet in the church band’ kind of citizen. If you have 17 rounds/ use them I say! Start mounting their heads on the library front steps, show the ‘people’ this s— will not be tolerated anymore…
…’ He brings a knife you bring a gun! He sends one of you to the hospital ,you send one to the morgue!’

Good old 007! he knew how to deliver a line! R.I.P brother


According to the article the criminal was robbing the victim at gunpoint. I can’t imagine a more dangerous situation than attempting to draw on someone already pointing a gun at you.

If I made the mistake of letting someone get the drop on me I would strongly consider just complying and giving them my wallet. Starting with handing or tossing my throw down wallet.The odds of drawing and getting off the first shot against a gun already pointed at you are pretty poor. Even if you do the odds of getting bullets directed back at you are still very high.

If I wasn’t feeling very confident they wouldn’t harm me after I comply then I would try to use distraction to get his gun pointed away long enough for me to either run away or go for their gun. If I felt I had no choice but to draw and fire I would likely be pulling the trigger as soon as my pistol cleared the holster and was pointing at the attacker and would be doing it while running for cover. So I can’t guarantee my hit rate would be any better under that level of stress even though I am close to 100% on the couple times I’ve tried this move against paper targets.


Remember, the long running average hit rate for OIS and DGU is about 20%.

3/10 is about 50% higher than the average.

It’s not like on the range. Even the guys I see who shoot all the time rarely if ever do so on the clock, while moving, or with the target moving, let alone all three of those things as is usually the case in a defensive gun use.


And on the typical indoor range, the shooter is not allowed to practice the last two. You have to pay for a special course featuring typical DGU situations, which not every concealed carrier can afford.

Sadly, the concealed carriers most likely to find themselves in a situation where they need to use their gun are least likely to be able to afford training for that eventuality. They’ll be lucky if they can afford time and ammo at an indoor range to shoot at a static paper target.