Speechless - This is straight up Craziness

I can’t figure out this part:
The victim fled with his rifle while the accused robber, who had been shot several times, remained on the scene. A third man then also shot him, police said.


Can’t wait for 2023, I’m going to need an M249 and body armor to pickup a gallon of milk!

They are trying to prove a point, that if society is armed it’s going to be the wild Wild West out there!

No doubt “they” created it!

We were happy just going to the range on a Saturday afternoon, but nnooooo, they had to insist we apply our knowledge in their new criminalized world! People should be careful what they wish for!


You pretty much nailed it. Going food shopping is gonna require going out fully strapped soon. And with liberal DAs letting criminals out before the cops are finishing the paperwork its going to get worse.


Please do be aware that at least through 2018, the nationwide violent crime rate had been going down since all the way back around 1990.

So if your good old days is early 90’s and into the 2000’s, the violent crime rate was higher then than it is now.

I know the media does not portray it as such, but you can always check the FBI UCR for violent crime to see


Sounds like the initial victim made a lot of mistakes. His open carry rifle made him a target. His lack of situational awareness allowed a criminal to approach unnoticed and put a gun to his head. He wasn’t carrying a concealed backup. He luckily got out alive and got to his car. But instead of calling the cops he got a pistol and went back into danger and started a shoot-out in a public area leading to innocent bystanders getting shot. He is lucky to be alive. If his bullets hit the bystanders he might not be so lucky in avoiding criminal and civil charges.


Blaming it on the guy legally carrying a gun?


Carrying a firearm is a responsibility. We have to make sure bad people can’t get their hands on it and cause harm to others. Otherwise we are just making everyone including ourselves less safe. He allowed a criminal to take his gun then put innocent bystanders at risk by going back into a public space and engaging the bad guy to get it back.

Maybe if there was an indication that the bad guy was going to start shooting up the place with his easily acquired new tool then the victim might have felt he had no choice but to put others at risk to get his gun back. But I think if that was likely the bad guy would have just shot him in the back of his head.

So yes in this case the guy legally carrying the gun is at least partly to blame.

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I dont think there was any blame. He carried the weapon legally, but also he carried the weapon stupidly, and the criminal got to him. Had he had an armed buddy with him, he wouldnt be an easy target that he was alone.


Dont forget that yet another person shot the robber. He must have looked like a threat to multiple people.


There had just been a gunfight so anyone with a gun was going to look threatening. And he obviously was threatening since he just committed armed robbery. But seems to me that after scoring a nice new rifle the crook most likely would have wanted to just get away to admire his prize. If the crook was just trying to get away and the victim reengaged then he was likely putting the bystanders at unneeded risk.


Maybe you are right. What is worse -armed robber running about, or risk to bystanders? Not an easy question, can easily end with 12 peers looking for answer.


Agree no winning choices in that scenario once the rifle was taken. Just limited options on how to minimize the damage.

This is one reason I am not a big fan of open carry in public places with lots of people around. You really have to be on your game all the time to not present a target to criminals. Walking around town with a rifle slung on your back seems like an even worse defensive strategy to me. It would be hard to quickly get into action and is kinda like walking around swinging a wad of $100 bills in your hand or wearing a thick gold chain, etc. from a criminals perspective.

If he was just trying to make a statement about 2A rights, I can’t imagine a worse statement then having your gun stolen and it being used to harm someone.


“For good measure?” :thinking:


I fully agree that the victim made numerous mistakes. Firstly, as you stated, not being situationally aware, not carrying a back-up to the OC rifle, then engaging the criminal after the fact. The fleeing felon rule would likely apply in this instance, too, though. A reasonable assumption would be that an armed criminal, after an armed felony robbery would use that stolen firearm in a crime potentially harming/killing others. A good follow-up to this story would be to find out who fired the rounds that hit the innocent bystanders.

Whether or not one carries a defensive tool (OC spray, knife, flashlight, firearm, etc.) CC or OC, being situationally aware is important, regardless of where one is - most especially in public with others visibly nearby.


And that’s his share of the blame.


That is EXACTLY WHY i do not open carry nor do i carry a rifle in public,if i di it would be locked and loaded same as the concealed carries that are on me