Arizonans - are you AZCDL members?

For those who aren’t aware, Arizona Citizens Defense League is the group at the forefront of protecting our rights here in AZ. They’ve had a lot to do with passing good laws and stopping bad laws over the last ~15 years. And… AZCDL members get a 25% discount on USCCA memberships, which more than pays for the AZCDL membership!



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Thank you sir!


Welcome to the family brother @jnojr and god bless you.

That sounds like a reason to consider moving to Arizona. :wink:


Hello and welcome @jnojr

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Card Carrying Member: The AzCDL was very active during the 20-21 legislative session. Fought off the anti and helped pass pro legislations. Kept all who wanted to know and to whom the letters and emails should be sent. If you’re in AZ, join and throw them a few extra bucks if you can.

Wish I had remembered the USCCA discount when I renewed.


Welcome to the community @jnojr

Ive been a member for many years. They do a lot of great work in the State!


You can contact them right now and have the discount applied going forward!

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People found my post offensive because of non tolerance to anti 2A groups or people?
Well… I just told the truth.