Is anyone in the Show Low area?

I’m looking for AZCDL members ( ) to go to gun shows for free, talk guns, and sign up new / renewing members!

Show Low gun show June 9 & 10

Snowflake gun show July 21 & 22

Heber-Overgaard gun show July 29

Also, for anyone who’s on NextDoor, I started a 2A group that’s up to 82 members right now.


I’m a little too far away (near Flagstaff) and too over committed in June but good luck with your efforts! The AZCDL is a great organization.

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@Shamrock I’m certain there will be other events closer to you throughout the year!

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There have been several closer by over the past few years but they keep scheduling them when I’m working out of town. Hopefully our schedules will align in the future.

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I’d go, but no vacation time available then, and I live in VA. I am active, though, in my state’s firearm lobby group, VCDL (


I was a VCDL member when I lived there. Spent time at the table at the Nations Gun Show trying to get people to sign up. “Bah, you’re nuts, this is Virginia, not California! That crap ain’t never happenin’ here!” as they blew me off. Then came 2018…

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