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JUST IN: Judge Rules on High Stakes Election Case – Patriot Alerts


I watched some of the trial on live streaming. While I am disappointed in the ruling, I am not totally surprised. I thought the plaintiff’s lawyer did not do a very good job. In particular, for some of the most important aspect of Lake’s case, his witness was an election official whose testimony was almost all hearsay, telling the court what she had been told by others. I later read that the other people who that witnessed talked about had been on the witness list but never called to testify.
I was amazed that the three sets of defendants’ lawyers had not objected to that testimony as hearsay.
Further, after the defendants’ cybersecurity witness testified, the plaintiff’s lawyer did not do much to attack the validity of that testimony as it contradicted the earlier plaintiff’s cybersecurity witness.


I’m pretty much convinced that while Kari Lake won the governorship of AZ, no judge that hears the case will have the balls to do what is right.

If they won’t disqualify or what ever it’s called Kati Hobbs for basically overseeing and certifying her own election. Which had blatant issues that affected the outcome of said election. If they’re too scared to do that then they should rule the election invalid and hold another special election for Maricopa. While appointing judicial officials and, if they can find them (which I doubt), neutral third parties to oversee the polling places and counting of the ballots.

if the results are the same, then the wet noodle, spineless POS Hobbs can be governor until the recall petition starts 6 months after she’s sworn in.


Doesn’t matter anymore, the cheats are firmly in control! Game over!
Forefathers would be completely embarrassed! How good Americans allowed a despot in their house!


The problem is: Kari Lake brought the lawsuit, but she didn’t bring the proof. Not to mention, all of the gaffs prior to the trial. The trend these days is “entirely too, too much talking!” People just will not shut the hell up–until it’s time to talk. And these bozo lawyers need a good spanking.

Sadly, a Judge will from time to time punish ineffective counsel and find for the other side. Not that it is willful, but ineffective counsel takes options from a Judge. The “burden of proof” is always the Plaintiff’s. “Proof.” Not “we’ll work it out when we get in court.” Not, “we’ll string it together” “Proof.” I haven’t seen the proof that was promised.

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