Judge: Wisconsin probe found ‘absolutely no’ election fraud


The trouble with this whole situation is that we either have a system with a lot of fraud, or people actually created this mess with their votes. Either way sucks for everyone.


Gut reaction: I don’t like absolute statements. And I like absolute negatives even less than absolute positives. It’s a long, boring story how I got this way, but for the more pragmatic among us, think of multiple choice tests. Answers that use words like “always” or “never” are almost always incorrect.

If someone wants to make an argument that there was not enough election fraud to swing the election, ok, let them make their case. But when someone says there was “absolutely no” fraud, that sound ridiculous… meaning worthy of ridicule. Perhaps this probe was of the political type, meant more to cover up facts rather than reveal them.


I always wish we would never allow baby Yoda memes on this site. I’m just sayin’.


I think 2000Mules pretty much put any question of fraud to bed.
That, and hundreds of sworn affidavits from poll workers, and the trucker who transported a truckload votes from NY to PA.
That, and the sudden poll swings at 4 in the morning.
That, and the poll workers that put up cardboard in the windows to hide any malfeasance.
And on, and on ad nauseum, until the topic has been beaten like a rented mule.

A coup has taken place. For a person to not acknowledge it means the person is part of the problem.