Are you prepared to treat your old self medically

When things are going south,what is your medical capability like at home? See an be or bodies transported out of apartments in NY. That could not or did not get treated. Can you treat yourself after a confrontation,or are you waiting for an ambulance – that may not come in n the me??

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I routinely carry two tourniquets with me, especially when working at the range.

I have had enough military first aid and even more current training in this stuff from lessons learned in the sand box.

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Never even thought about going to hospital or calling an ambulance. Crap shoot at best of times for an infection while in hospital, definitely not going near one while under a pandemic. Already, had to treat myself last night. Cracked a few ribs, tore my knee up. Glued the rip in knee put in a couple of butterfly stitches. Taped and wrapped ribs. I know enough from military and civilian life as a trauma and flight medic to take care of me and mine.

My home medical kit is pretty much any injury you can imagine I can handle it. Minus eyes and teeth.

Our first responders especially those in hospitals are the true heroes of this.


Wow. Good thing you know how to do this stuff because these days you really want to avoid emergency rooms! Heal !

My hubby is a nurse that is certified in emergency medical care. Even before all of this started he has always told me that I would have to be on my deathbed before he would take me to the ER. Lol


Was this due to something as exciting as getting into a fight with a Ninja, or… did you fall down?

I like your version better. :rofl::innocent::eyes:

Stupid dog. Sort of my fault. I’ve been training her to heel and stay glued to left leg and to sit at left leg when I wasn’t moving. Well a car came down road and I waved flashlight at my feet so they would see me. My Husky takes the short route and goes around front of me to sit at left leg which left me tied in leash so I stepped and fell. :dog: Dog will be the death of me. She was fine while I had my Rotty and my American Bulldog. She got to uppity they put her in her place. She is really feeling herself now that it’s her + 4 :cat2:’s, 1 :rat: dog.


Dang, bummer dude. I’ve heard of a lot of stories in the past where folks have dislocated shoulders and such from walking dogs and they decide to charge away at something.

About the OP. We have first aid kits AND trauma kits at home, workshops, autos, mules, tractors and at work.
We also have are fortunate to have a private physician who is like minded and has prescribed meds that we have cache’d in the event we are unable to get scripts filled. Antibiotics, pain meds, epi-pens, etc. You REALLY have to have a good relationship with your doctor for them to be able to trust you when requesting this from them.

Here’s a good article on how to do that.