To IFAK or to not IFAK that is the question!


But you can carry a concealed baseball bat and kill people in broad daylight and get away with it!
Yeah! I’ll stick to saving my own life and my loved ones!
I started carrying a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in my car at the age of 16…
When the liberals stop sending out assassins, I’ll stop carrying my IFAK!

FYI 17% of the lives lost during SandyHook could have been saved by decent first aid and a focus on stopping the bleeding! A fact that’s been espoused every “active shooter” class I take!

What I heard, clearly, was damned if you do, damned if you don’t!
Guess we should remove all fire extinguishers from schools.
Place “No Fire Zone” signs, problem solved!


About 5 years ago I bought a medical TRAUMA PACK that will handle minor and serious Trauma,it is good having not had to use it yet but have it if needed,I do carry it on trips though


That’s what I heard as well. However, I do have an IFAK near me at all times. With that said, if someone has put me into a situation where I have had to use my firearm.

By training, civilian and military, would see me wanting to give aid, but out of my sense of survival. I would have to wait until LEO’s were there to secure the site before I would offer aid.

Because of the focus required, I would not feel safe to offer aid. I don’t want to kill anyone if I can avoid it. But I am not going to risk my life. Now once LEO is there and I feel safe. Yeah I would offer aid. Not out of remorse. I am not trying to kill anyone, just stop them from harming me and mine.


The trauma kit I keep in my car is for me and my Family only. No exception.
Discussing about to carry it or not to carry is just stupid. Even though i like “Armed Attorneys”, this particular advice “to not carry IFAK” sounds bad to me.

There are always two sides to every story… whatever the story is …
Perhaps I’m egoist… but my IFAK is not for anyone at the front of my muzzle… :neutral_face:


“If you are involved in a self defense shooting, you can do nothing right in the eyes of the prosecutor”

“It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s going to be used against you” direct quote from the video

As stated above, damned if you do damned if you don’t.

And because of that, you should not carry simple potentially life saving supplies because the prosecutor, who will use anything and everything against you no matter what, might try to use it against you?

I’m not buying it. Not. Even. Close.

If we take that thought process, we should probably sell all of our guns.


Good post. In the range bag, in the car, at work, and at home; I count at least four. But I never refer to mine as trauma kits; mine are first aid kits, or just called bandaids.

Don’t have to always agree. If we can fit it and not too much weight, not a bad idea to carry a first aid kit in one’s back pack, especially if hiking/camping, but that’s just me. But if hot out and no back pack, I won’t.

Love “The Armed Attorneys”, what nice “youngins”; There’s hope for our future yet.


First of all, I leaned that trick a long time ago, which is also how I learned, “from our good friend,” Massad Ayoob, “not to humanize the threat.” “I did not shoot a person; I stopped a threat.” If I stop a threat from trying to take my life, I’m not going to help an entity that posed a threat to my life… at all! But I do carry a tourniquet in my back pocket, or cargo pocket for myself.


I didn’t watch the video but I assume from the comments that the self-identified “attorneys” had the usual arguments by attorneys to never say you’re sorry or to apologize for your bad driving. I carry plenty of first aid supplies in my car with the hope, like my very expensive homeowner’s insurance policy that I never have to find out how badly I need them when I don’t have them. I have had homeowner’s insurance on my home for over 50 years and never used a dime of it. What a waste of money! But I most assuredly would have been glad I had it when a wildfire tore through my town five yeas ago and I though my house was directly in the path of the flames. Fortunately for me, I misjudged the path of the flames and they spared my house. The 50+ years of wasted premium would have been of significant help to me in re-establishing myself.

As to whether I would aid someone I had the misfortune to have to shoot, I can’t prejudge what I would do in any given situation. I am not clairvoyant and sometimes I amaze myself by doing stuff I wouldn’t consider doing when thinking about it in the abstract. When having to evacuate in what i thought was less than a few minutes, I followed my pre-planning closely and was cool, calm and collected all the while — I thought. It was only later when I had a chance to asses my actions that I realized that I was not quite as cool, calm and collected as I thought. So would I render first aid with my med supplies if someone dear to me were injured? Without a doubt. Would I render first aid to a stranger? I don’t know. It depends.On what? I don’t know on what. I haven’t had that situation present itself. My powers to foresee the future only work sporadically and without prior notice.


They said yeah you, your wife, or child might die because you didn’t have any first aid supplies, but at last the prosecution that will use everything against you no matter what won’t say “why didn’t you use your first aid kit on the guy who just tried to stab you”


The IFAK I carry on me, is pretty minimalist it’s got the bare minimum. But my IFAK in the car is fully blown out. It’s the equivalent to a trauma cart, and the one I have at home, is even better.

I’ve used my knowledge, my ability, and my supplies, on an antagonist before. He had been trying to kill me a few minutes before. I took care of what I had to before I got to him. But I still saved him. I guess you don’t know what you will do, until the rubber hits the road.


John Correia’s advice is sound. I am not an EMT. It is not my job to provide first aid to anyone. My kits are for me; at home, in the car, at the range, wherever. An assailant that was just shot in self-defense may still be a threat at close quarters. I know I do not have the training to evaluate whether or not a “neutralized” threat (aka no longer attacking) is still a threat in close quarters, and I do not intend on finding out.

My goal in self-defense is to survive the encounter. However, I would do my best to administer first aid to myself, family or, if able, any other victim. To close quarters on the assailant is to potentially re-engage a threat that is currently neutralized. I would not want to defend why I closed quarters, then re-engaged the assailant when I could have just stayed a safe distance away.

Call 911 and stay away from the assailant.


Not enough people carry medical or take stop the bleed courses. I have medical in both cars, range bag, under my motorcycle seat and on all my range belts. I always have at least one torniquet on me


I’ve attended demonstrations and I have a book that explains everything.

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This was my exact sentiment. Next time I will go ahead and get some sleep that I might articulate my point much clearer. Job well done. :+1:


You might want to check the expiration date on some of the items in that kit if you bought it five years ago

I carry a SWAT-T tourniquet that can also be used as a compression bandage in my pocket. I have more supplies in my vehicles and at home. I’m not going to risk my family’s lives by not having access to first aid supplies because some prosecutor somewhere may use that against me.

When the police arrive and secure my and my family’s safety then I will be happy to use my limited skills to try and save a life if the police and other responders are unable to. But I wont subject myself or my family to more danger until the area is completely secure.


I carry an IFAK for myself and/or my loved ones. I will never be without the basic supplies to save myself and my loved ones.

I’ve also never been to a site in which some folks just live to go through ever rabbit hole and what if with such passion. I wish I had that kind of time…

Stick to the basics folks. If it makes sense to you, do it, if not, don’t.


Agree though I also think it’s good to look at what other people are concerned with to make sure you aren’t missing anything important.

The vast majority of people in this country seem to feel they can go through life without any form of self defense defense or first aid training. That makes sense to them perhaps because they feel someone else will take care of them if anything goes wrong. But if they looked at more possible scenarios they might realize there are some holes in their plans.


I have posted this link for prepmedic on other discussions. He is my goto for ideas and refreshers
for the Home First Responder. :+1:

prepmedic - YouTube

One of his best vids just because he is using his own baby. :grinning:

I would also recommend a Life Vac for the Home First Responder.

Official Site of LifeVac | Choking Rescue Device that Saves Lives