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Yes, I noticed that.

This is bad, but, a major good can come from it. With big tech silencing Constitutionally minded Americans, they force us to revert to “the old way” of doing things. Need a gun, go to the local gun store. While your there, talk with the other customers. Make those “social” bonds. Spend a few minutes getting to know the other folks at the range. Learn from each other. Instead of Messenger, write a letter or call your friends. The convenience of technology, has made us lazy and complacent.

This nation started in homes, churches, and taverns. It’s how we revive the patriotic spirit, that burn like a wildfire in 1776.


from the Illinois State rifle association news letter:
All through 2020 I have reported that firearm sales were skyrocketing and the final numbers prove that. A new record of 21,000,000 background checks that resulted in firearm sales was set. Of those 21,000,000 sales, 40% of them were to women. African Americans purchased 58% more firearms than in any previous year. Many of those were to African American women. The record 21,000,000 firearm sales exceeded those during the 2016 Presidential Election by 34%. The final tally shows there were 8,400,000 new gun owners in the United States. The NICS check for December 2020 was 3,937,066, an all-time high once again. For the entire year, the NICS checks were 39,695,315, as expected, another new record. This was driven by not only increased firearm sales but also background checks for concealed carry permits. The number of firearm sales was down slightly for December but I believe that was simply because there was nothing to buy, at least, that anyone wanted.

Of course, the increasing number of firearm owners and firearms sold has helped result in a shortage of ammunition and components for reloads. Ammunition production is up 33% according to an industry spokesman. In a recent search of store shelves conducted in a haphazard way by myself and a friend of mine, we found nothing except a few boxes of unusual calibers and shotgun shells. We did find some small pistol primers at Scheels in Springfield. Scheels has been getting primers from time to time. The increased production is being snapped up as fast as it is received. I would guess it will take a year or more to catch up.

I think they are scared.


A fellow down the county road from us has pigeons …AND what you are saying is true…

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I make typos and autocorrect errors all the time, but this one really made me smile.


Guess we are going to be closer to a dictatorship with State run media, and you know that’s only going to be providing the libs fake news, and sensorship garbage! Really bad start to a really bad Presidency!


Maybe it’s all a setup so that Joe Biden can stand up and say “I’m the head of the party, and anyone who doesn’t believe in free speech will sit down and shut up!” Then the angry mobs will drop their pitchforks, the planets will align, the climate will be nothing but cool air and sunshine, and bad guys will all turn in their weapons.


Read the Thursday Bulletin this morning. Thanks for sharing here!

Maybe they aren’t off yet?
Just typed it onto duckduckgo and got the site below.
Bet ya duckduckgo doesnt use Google’s DNSs

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I saw an interview with the owner of Brownells yesterday that apparently either owns or has interest in He said they found a way around it but that it was temporary and they’re still looking for a solution. It could be what you mentioned.

Yes, they had a backup plan in place and were able to resolve it by using another DNS service. This time!

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I fixed it. Yes, that was a funny autocorrect error.

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Something going on IMHO is a FEW people with many phony email addresses paid to protest and accuse… also…

Recently it has been uncovered that the Chinese have been giving large amounts of money to our colleges and universities (with strings attached IIRC)

and hollyweird has been bowing to them for some time cause they’re paying the bill for movies in such…

You should all read Tsun Tzu aka Sun-tse… “Rules for Political and Psychological Subversion” this is part of a shills training BTW… that and semantics IIRC

cause doubt… distract… create argument and dissension… learn your quarry and their triggers… etc… we are at war and have been for sometime…

"The direct tactic of war is necessary only on the battlefield, but only the indirect tactic can lead to a real and lasting victory.

Subvert anything of value in the enemy’s country. Implicate the emissaries of the major powers in criminal undertakings: undermine their position and destroy their reputation in other ways as well: and expose them to public ridicule of their fellow citizens.

Do not shun the aid of even the lowest and most despicable people. Disrupt the work of their government with every means you can.

Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens of the enemy’s country. Turn the young against the old. Use every means to destroy their arms, their supplies, and the discipline of the enemy’s forces.

Debase old traditions and accepted gods. Be generous with promises and rewards to purchase intelligence and accomplices. Send out your agents in all directions. Do not skimp with money or promises, for they yield a high return."