AR-15 Barrels

I’m in the process of my first AR build but there are so many different barrel manufacturers out there it can be confusing. Any input would be great. I’m building a 5.56

Hi @Ted - check out a few of the current threads, they may help in your overall build. There might be a mention of barrels in these, but others will probably have good suggestions for barrels as well.

Ted. Are you building a Rifle? Looking for barrel info Only as opposed to upper assembly? We need a bit more info as to where you are starting and where you’re going.

There are many high quality company’s, start with Bravo Company and Sons of Liberty Gun Works. Excellent products and service.

I’ve never gotten “just” a barrel, but I’ve heard great things about (in no particular order):
Ballistics Advantage

There are specialists in accuracy like Kreiger (sp?) but AFAIK those are really pricey and if you want one of them, you know where to look.

Most of the regular AR manufacturers have barrels, so I assume you can buy from these guys as well (in no particular order):
Sons of Liberty Gunworks
Daniel Defense
Bravo Company
Aero Precision
Midwest Industries
… I’m sure I’m forgetting several other good ones

Has anyone have any input with ballistic advantage performance barrels. I’m considering it because of price and from what little I find I’m hearing they are a pretty accurate barrel. Of coarse the shooter plays apart as welll with accuracy.

Couple links at another forum one, two, three