1st AR Build

I need some input or recommendations on a striped lower. I have been looking at spikes and aero stripped lowers. Anyone have or had any experience with these and if so what were your pros and cons. Or if someone knows of or recommend another brand. I appreciate any input. Looking to build either 5.56 or a 308 still trying to decide.


As you will see, this 80% lower is forged aluminum and has an open trigger guard. I installed a 3.5 lb Rise Armament drop in trigger. Couldn’t be happier with it.

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I have 3 Aero M4E1s, a Juggernaut Tactical JT15, and an Anderson AM15.

The Aeros are my favorite, they have a great fit and finish similar to billet. if I can’t find an aero then I’ll go to JT, these are billet great fit and finish with an ambidextrous bolt release. These both have threaded bolt catch pins as well.

The Anderson is your standard open trigger forged, required punch set to tap the roll pin into place for the bolt catch.

Make sure you’re prepared with watching some YouTube vids on how to assemble a lower, especially the install on pivot pin spring & detent. Get yourself some required tools, and be prepared if the detent/springs take flight you may lose them.

If you’re going for .308 you’ll need an AR10 lower/upper that match profiles.

The S&W lowers @Patrick47 pointed out are good as well, I’m sure you’ll get a good amount of feedback as we have quite a few members who have their pick.

I’m sure you’ll find lots of support and helpful info.

IDK–I haven’t seen much difference in the lowers. I have both 5.56 and 7.62, and I would say it depends on what you want to use it for.
I LOVE the .308 for hunting. I like the 5.56 for most everything else.

This thread may be of help, @Ted:

Enjoy your build! I did my first build at the end of the year last year. LOVE it!


Excellent information, especially the proper tools suggestion. I’ve seen the results of improvising, as I’m sure many of us have.


Thanxs for the input. You can always count on the fire arms community for help. I’m leaning towards the aero since that is were all the feed back is pointing to. I’m always open for suggestions.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. With that said, I went with Aero because I liked the Allen screw assembly vs. press pins. I personally bought a blem knowing it would be scratched one way or another the first time at the range. It’s aluminium so it’s not like a scratch is going to rust. Anyway, their definition of a blem is way above my standards. :+1:

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The Aero is a fine platform and it will serve you well as a build. @Dawn beet me to the link to @Spence thread where there is a lot of good info about AR’s in general as well as the pistol versions. AR’s are Lego’s for big kids and just about as hard to put together. OBTW after your first one they are like crack, you can’t stop after the first one.




@Craig6 isn’t wrong. I have another stripped lower waiting for all of this viral pandemic stuff to go away so I can build another. This time I’m looking at .223 Wylde with an 18" barrel.

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