AR-15 for a Get Home Bag


I was wondering if there are any brands of AR-15 that are better than the other since I want to get one soon to get my get home bag started.


I was thinking about the same thing, and I think I’m going to eventually end up going with an AR pistol.


It’ll depend greatly on your budget. I was convinced to try to build. I don’t have the tools or time but what I’m doing is buying the parts and having a gunsmith assemble the rifle. His labor is less the what the tools would cost me. By catching stuff as it comes on sale I’ve been able to afford a better quality rifle with parts I want right out of the gate instead of buying a factory rifle and changing stuff.

The biggest downfall is being patient and catching sales. It is taking longer to get the parts. It all seems overwhelming with ALL the options but if you’re realistic about what you want out of the rifle and dont have a need to have the highest priced brands. You can build a reliable firearm for under 1000 with a decent optic.


Huh. Honestly I’m not very familiar with rifles or what I want. So perhaps you could clue me in?
And an AR pistol doesn’t work for me because I’m not 21. It’d just be a pain to have my mom buy it for me. Plus I feel that there’s not much stability with an AR pistol.


You order a stripped lower (this will require the paperwork and background check for buying a gun, also the FFL fee) from there you get a lower parts kit there’s countless ones out there but SONS OF LIBERTY GUN WORKS has a great one for a good price. Find a trigger you can go mil spec or high end. ( I would reccomend something in the middle).
When ordering the buffer and buffer tube you can chose mil spec or commercial there’s not really an advantage either way tho mil spec is the most common. Now onto furniture buttstock, pistol grip and hand guard. Magpul is extremely popular and has good prices. That builds the lower end of the rifle. Palmetto state Armory also has lower kits available I’ve just found that some patience and shopping around you can find some better quality parts for just a few dollars more.

As for the upper PALMETTO STATE ARMORY has complete upper lots (no ffl required) for under $300 all the time, they are a great entry level reliable kit.

This may all seem overwhelming but once you start looking you’ll find it’s not bad. Also if you are not that familiar with the AR platform this will help you become familiar with it. As always beware of internet operators that think you have to get a loan for a rifle.

I am currently building a rifle for my wife and this is exactly how I’m doing it. I’ve already ordered 80% of the parts. I’m gonna be in this for about 800 minus an optic

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I have a Rock River, base line was 650, great rifle, have had zero issues with it. Came with a quad rail and nice grip. I have tricked it out with a scope, forward vertical grip/bipod, magnum stock, 45 degree flip sights, ambidextrous bolt release and a tactical light. It’s a tack driver at 650 yards.

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This is my sub-$500 bug out bag gun. It has over 900 rounds through it and zero issues. This is mostly a proof of concept gun. I went with budget everything, trying to see where the weaknesses are. I know the $20 optic may be the single weakest point, I will upgrade that first as my funds allow. It is accurate out to 200 yards maybe further. I only have a 200 yard range. I have trained with it and that is where the bulk of the rounds on it came from.

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Nice cleaning mats you’ve got there, @_Robert!


@Dawn after I took this picture, I realized those cleaning mats were in the shot! I am thinking I hope no ones thinks I staged them in order to prove I am a fanboy!
Here is a picture of that same bench with the same cleaning mats from 9/2018!

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I need a room like this, @_Robert!

And we’re ok with you being a fanboy! :rofl:


@Dawn This was the youngest daughters room. After she graduated from college and got out on her own, this is how we reclaimed it and the adjoining bathroom!


That’s awesome, @_Robert! Did you have that type of decor in the living room when you daughter would bring dates home during high school?


@Dawn we have a processing room (not pictured), which is a cross between a morgue and a mid-evil information acquisition chamber. This is where the daughters received their dates. The ambiance of this room and the non-verbal cues from me, like involuntary neck flinches, crazy eyes and the pure exaltation that I exhibited as I described the implements in the room, were usually effective when addressing the youth.
I guess it seems like I enjoyed this too much, huh?

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